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  1. daz650

    left handed compound

    Hi all i'm selling my compound gear i have. 1 left handed bowtech commandor 2008 black and red excellent condition selling due to shoulder injury hardly used 50/60lb 31"draw length fitted with tt2 arrow rest. 10 acc arrows 8 fat platinums. chocolate lite release aid triad long and short rods...
  2. daz650

    london olympics

    Hi all i have a 13 year old son who shoots recurve to a good standard and at our club shoot he said he wants to shoot in the olympics, does anyone have any idea how to further his coaching so he could at least make the trials.. Regards Darren
  3. daz650

    left handed hoyt razortec

    Hi all i'm selling or will swap a left handed hoyt compound bow purple and black fade 50/60lb set at 50 new string and cables good con no marks. will swap for a bowtec compound cheers guys:beer::pie:
  4. daz650

    Portsmouth round

    Hi all shot another 552 round tonight but just can't hit the 10 getting loads of recurve 10's just can't hit the compound, has anyone got any tips...
  5. daz650

    release aids

    Hi All can anyone tell me how to stiffen the trigger on a chocolate lite release aid :beer: thanks guys
  6. daz650

    do you have a coach

    Hi all does anyone have a compound coach and have you benefited from it. I'm thinking of finding one in my area and just wondered if anyone else had one, who they are and how much they charge.. Cheers Daz
  7. daz650

    getting back into archery

    Hi All been out of archery for 3 months with shoulder injury, shoulder's ok now but finding it to get back into it. Anyone got any advice.. Thanks All:cheerful:
  8. daz650

    childs compound

    hi all i'm looking for a compound bow for my 11 year old can anybody reccomend one what will last.. cheers
  9. daz650

    peep sight

    Hi all i'm having problems with my peep, when i'm at full draw its twisting backwards can anyone help.. cheers Daz
  10. daz650

    1st ever york on compound

    Hi all shot my first ever york and canadian at the weekend and did better then i thought i would. Scored 1020 on the york and 1041 on the canadian...
  11. daz650

    merlin scope

    hi all has anyone tried the new merlin scope yet if yes whats it like.. cheers daz
  12. daz650

    1st national score

    hi all shot my 1st national on sunday on compound and scored 602 after only shooting compound for 3 months... well chuffed:cheerful:
  13. daz650

    1st comp

    Hi all i'm shooting my first compound comp at bronte next week doing a york round does anyone have any tips..
  14. daz650

    training with compound

    Hi all i'm new to compound shooting and want a training regime to improve can anyone help... thanks daz :beer:
  15. daz650

    fonz award

    hi all while on holiday in lanzarote decided to have a go at archery on hotels equipment which was a well twisted recurve bow and 4 new arrows, i was up third and been a archer for just over a year i thought i would kick a**e. my turn came to shoot usually left handed but had a go right handed i...
  16. daz650

    arrow spine

    hi all new to compound and need new arrows can anyone tell what spine i would need for 30" arrows shooting at 55lb cheers daz :beer:
  17. daz650

    increase draw length

    Hi does anyone know how extend the draw length on a accu riser 2 with wedel cams... cheers daz
  18. daz650

    Arrow Rest Rules

    hi can anyone help i've just starting shooting compound and own a accu riser 2 i've been told my set up is illegal because my arrow rest must be 6cm from the throat of my handle, if i have my handle that far in i can't get my hand in can anyone help cheers daz :beer:
  19. daz650

    tuning a compound

    hi does anyone know where i can download a tuning guide for a compound cheers daz :beer:
  20. daz650

    compound lens

    hi all what size lens do you use for 20 yards 0.5 0.75 or 1.0 cheers daz:beer::cake: