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    Converting swaged aluminium shafts to uni-bushes - unexpected problems

    A large proportion of our club arrows have been donated by members over a lot of years, and as a result there's quite a mix of shaft and nock types, which when combined with variations on the serving on some of the club strings means it can be quite a challenge to find a set of arrows of the...
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    Anybody with experience of changing from Hex 6.6 to CVX / Hex 7.2 / Hex 7.5 ?

    Bad News - my Hex 6.6s along with the rest of the bow they were attached to was nicked from our field on Monday night whilst I was collecting / plotting an end :gnasher: Good News - it looks like a "personal belongings" part of our contents insurance should cover it, so I should be able to...
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    Nano Max & Border Hex6.6 Stolen - Rothley (Leics) area

    When I turned round from plotting my last end this evening, all that was left on the shooting line was my bow stand & stringer! I can only assume I was being watched to see how long it took me to walk down and plot an end (shooting/plotting 12s as tuning so slower than usual) then they hopped...