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    Cheap carbon arrows, and other beginner questions.

    Very true otherwise you waste money & then get a bad taste in your mouth & probably give up archery
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    Binoculars for field target

    Yes there a big difference in glass in lens / binos as I don't want to think what I have spent over 25+ years in camera gear lens ( a bit like archery LOL)
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    Binoculars for field target

    If you want good binos or monoculars look for any with ED glass
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    Binoculars for field target
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    Binoculars for field target

    What ever you get make sure they are BAK4 type I use cheap Scokc 10 x 42 I had a better pair for get the brand they cost about $400 Oz & these cost about $100 Oz & I cant see the difference & field is all I shoot as no target clubs under 3hrs away & my clubs about 15 mins away
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    Anyone recognise this?

    Trouble with prices on ebay I seen several times is people turn up at our club with gear either there fathers or such ask how much is this worth we tell them x price & then you see it on ebay for a lot more than that thinking its worth a lot more . I even had a friend that had a heap of fishing...
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    I'm interested to know peoples favourites and suggestions

    The Fuse stabs were a fad that came & went . I know a few archers in my area used them & had them for about 12 / 24 months sold them & moved on to others like Doinkers / Beestingers & such. A couple of people even told me that in certain conditions they would work like a aerofoil & would make...
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    Bow Poundage

    1 major problem I find out with archery there is a lot of people with my d*** is bigger than your d*** with draw weight & length too often. I am now shooting compound ( 85%) of the time 52lb @28.5" & recurve ( other 15% ) when not so serious 35lb @28.5" & I get a thats all from some people & my...
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    Angel quivers

    But you dont have to worry too soon UK leaving
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    Arrows for field

    I use Easton Light speed for field
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    Core Archery

    Hi I was looking at this brand at Alt archery & I cant find any thing about them no web site etc . Where are they made etc thanks
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    Easton 4717 double bow bag

    Here a review I did a week ago about it Review on Easton 4517 Double Bow Case
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    Surloc Pheonix

    Hi has any 1 ever used this sight any good? I know it has no quick adjustment button as it has a quick thread like CBE . And also I know its not made any more thanks
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    Back bars on recurve

    Hi what would happen say if you had a X10 main stab & were to get some thing like say SF back bars or even Cartels would it make that much difference from say all X10 bars? thanks
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    Kaya K3 & Tomcats Stabliziers

    Hi has any 1 had any thing to do with the stabs are the K3 thats much better than the Tomcats ? Or even the Kaya Souls stabs thanks
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    Crown stabilizer set by Decut

    Hi I am putting this here rather than the stabilizer section as it seems to be no one goes there. Has any 1 ever used or seen the Crown stabilizer system by Decut archery? Any thoughts on it for a Hoyt GMX with Hoyt CX900 limbs average shooter for field archery thanks
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    whats your stabilizer set up lengths & weights

    Hi I given up on the 1back rod now. I was wondering what is your set up ie rod lengths & weights front & back thanks
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    Other stabilizer set ups

    Hi has any 1 ever tried a recurve set up with say 1 long rod & 1 only back rod like compound shooters do? The bows a Hoyt GMX with CX900 limbs. Thanks or second set up is 2 short bars 1 long bar & no extender
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    [COMPOUND] Win Win HMC stabs

    Hi has any 1 ever used these stabs for compound or they just for recurve ? thanks
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    Win Win HMC stabs

    Hi has any 1 ever used these stabs on a compound its a Hoyt UE 28"@58lb spirals? Or no good only recurve? As these stabs are on sale here in Oz thanks