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    Bobby Ratcliff style side quiver.

    Would anyone know if there is a leatherworker in the UK who could make a "Bobby Ratcliff" style side quiver. (ref. Utube) please. Any help appreciated.
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    For Sale Excaliber Ibex recurve XB

    Excaliber Ibex recurve 315 fps. Fitted with the Excaliber scope and mounts. Quiver + four Firebolts. Cocking aid etc. Post fitted adjustable butt plate. Excellent condition. ?220 Buyer collects from South Hants.
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    For Sale MK XB21 recurve XB

    MK XB21 recurve 175fps. Barnett reddot scope and mount fitted. Quiver, four bolts, cocking aid etc. good condition. ?75 Buyer collects from South Hants.
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    For Sale AFB by Dave Folwell

    BowTec AFB for sale. Built by Dave Folwell. Model is "Thunderer" and is 68" x 40# @ 28". Made in Osage and Bamboo. String, keeper and bag. ?250 buyer to collect South Hants.
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    For Sale Arcus Mongolian bow

    Arcus Mongolian for sale. 44# @ 28" Laminated version. As new. with bag. ?180 buyer to collect, South Hants
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    For Sale Bickerstaffe Longbow

    Bickerstaff laminated longbow for sale. 47# @30". Excellent condition. Strung and cased. - Comes with three childrens longbows as a free bonus. Buyer to collect from South Hants ?220
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    Wanted - Good quality crossbow. Excaliber or similar. If you have something for sale, please reply or p.m.
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    Fletch Burner

    I would like to make a feather burner with a heated wire. The mechanics no problem. The transformer I have no idea. I am almost electrically illiterate. Could anyone suggest a UK source of transformer that may be suitable please. It is suggested that I require 180 VA/10 amp. with variable...
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    [Horsebow] Difficulty getting in?

    I am wishing to enter the field of Horsebow shooting. Trying to obtain 40/45# Mongolian style. Currently speaking to three Hungarian companies direct. The main suppliers either do not have what I want, or can hardly be bothered to give info. Got to the stage of almost begging one company for an...
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    [American Flatbow] Bamboo types

    Anyone tried Moso or Guadua Bamboo for bowmaking please. Usual Mandake and Tonkin proving hard to source?
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    Wanted Mongolian Bow

    Wanted good quality Mongolian bow. Circa 40#
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    For Sale Clearout AFB`s & ELB

    For sale:- Andy Soars Blackbrook Zeta AFB, 66" 48# @28" - ?295. Rex Oakes Saggitarius AFB, 65" 50# @28" - ?175. Bickerstaff standard ELB, 47 1/4"# @30" All with slips. Please pm for further details etc. Will consider px with +/- cash adjustment for AFB(S) circa 40# South Hants area.
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    Carbon lamination question

    Would like to try and lay in a piece of 0.015 carbon core to a new project AFB. Proposing Pignut Hickory backing. Purpleheart core and Lemonwood belly. Then lay the carbon between the back and the Purpleheart. If you kind gentlemen are able to advise. Is this the best stack or would the carbon...
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    Wanted Border Harrier Royale

    Border Harrier Royale or Griffen GL wanted. Approx 40# Immediate cash or have quality, heavier FB`s for px if required.
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    Durafoam Slabs

    Has anyone an industry source of Durafoam slabs for target butts. As distinct from target sellers?
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    40# AFB Wanted

    Wanted good quality 40# approx. AFB. Border or Blackbrook in particular. Immediate cash settlement.
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    11/32 staff/bead routing

    Anyone have knowledge of a source of 11/32" staff/bead router cutters for arrow shaft making on a router jig setup please.
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    Wanted Fletching Jig

    Wanted - Good quality fletching jig. Single or triple. Straight and/or spiral. Even an old yellow Tollgate would be welcome!