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    [Horsebow] Brief review / Szimeiszter Hungarian / Magyar Horse Bow

    Hello All , I am new to Arcery and bows but would liket writ avery+
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    [Horsebow] Arrow rest for horse bow ?

    I am fairly new to Archery / bows etc so will be asking a few questions , One that is puzzling me is why do most horse bows not have arrow rests ? And would a horse bow benefit by attaching one ?
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    What spine arrows etc

    I don't know if I am asking this question in the correct way , but I have a Hungarian wood laminated Horse bow 40lb draw weight with my draw pull length of 26" , bow length is 56" . For this type of bow with these dimensions , what type of arrow , weight / length / Spine / point and fletching...
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    [Horsebow] Szimeiszter Bows

    Hello All , After doing a little research ( or as much as there is available ) , I am waiting for delivery of one of Istvan Szimeiszer,s laminated wood (Hungarian style ) bows which are made in Hungary . By what little I have read on the forum he seems to have a good reputation , does anyone on...