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    Hoyt Matrix Left Hand Complete Outfit

    This is not an advert for sale as yet. It is to find out how many people would seriously be interested in this setup. Hoyt Matrix 25" Royal (Blue) Fusion L/H Hoyt G3 Limbs 38# medium to make 68" bow ACE's full set of 1206G 620's with screw in parabolic points and fletched 28 1/2 inches from...
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    Poud owner of a KG Cobra AFB

    Thought i'd say hi! to the traditional fraternity i've just joined :D Just picked up a shiny new KG Cobra thanks to Christine and Keith at KG lovely peice of craftsmanship can't wait to shoot it properly down the club and in the wood's.
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    Am I cheating myself?

    I recently shot a Portsmouth PB of 550 using XX75 1916 and felt great but then went back to my usual arrows of ACE 620's and shot a 546 also a PB if you count i was using different arrows question is I know the Ali's gave me some line cutter 9's and probably some 10's am I: a. cheating myself...
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    Re tillering Longbow

    Is it possible to re tiller a longbow set for 28" with a 29" safety tiller to a longer draw?
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    [English Longbow] Permitted loose style Longbow

    I'm just about to get a longbow.....fingers crossed I'm currently shooting recurve both indoor's, outdoors and field For fieldshooting i use bare bow with an up to the eye 3 fingers under the arrow for aiming however reading the NFAS rules of shooting it says mediteranean loose 1 over 2 under...
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    FS W&W L/H 25" Striker Handle+Limbs

    Having just upgraded to a nice new shiny Matrix i'm now in possession of 3 complete sets of limbs and handles. So here's the the deal: 25" W&W Striker L/H Black powder coated 2004 model, faux wood plastic grip with magnetic flipper rest fitted (Screw mounted for permanent attachment) Sorry no...
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    New Limbs New PB

    Just picked up my new limbs today, a pair of 36# Seb Flute SHC's....should be 38#@s but the nice man at chiltern is swapping them when the right ones come in.(national drought of 38's) So straight up the club tonight new limbs fitted round of sighters and first Portsmouth of the winter season...
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    Classification Question

    Call me stupid and slap me silly but I need a little clarification on this topic. I shoot mainly at my local club.....don't get out much to meet the rest of you and so dont take part in many national/county or other competitions. does this mean my practice score's cant count towards...
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    Competition Rules

    After a little clarification without going into too many details, A competition takes place.... Senior mens round is the York.... one team of 4 shoot the york....combines score other team has 2 seniors shooting york and 2 "novices" shooting Hereford......combines score is this legal? should...
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    Limbs the Latest News/Warning

    Well the saga continues. After the aformentioned death of my Petron S3's I managed to get the limb resurected by a friendly composite chap at work who re-resined and autoclaved my limb back to life (for now). But to my horror i've now realised what my problemthis year has been all along. I got...
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    68" or 70" whats the score

    As some may have noticed from my what limbs post in equipment my Petron S3's have given up the ghost and now i need something new as my spare challengers 68" 36# at 28" may not be up to the challenge :melodrama i was wondering whats the difference between the 68" and 70" mark i'm 6' and draw...
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    What Limbs??

    Just had the misfortune of my Petron S3 carbon top limb delaminating in competition, out of warranty out of luck really :gloomy: so i need something new. Budgets down to about ?150 notes due to real life commitments. Just wondered any thoughts on the following? SF carbons ?170 W&W Winact carbons...
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    Suspected limb crack.......

    am i in for a smacking? My Win and Win Challengers have what appears to be a small H crack about 4mm across 2cm in near the fade point on the upper limb. But i cant tell if it's just the varnish or i'm about to have a delamination. Any thoughts? do i keep using them? i cant send them back...
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    Here's one for the S3 crowd......

    Anyone know the best bracing height for an S3 riser and limbs? i'm set at about 8 1/2 just wondering about the rest of you?