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  1. Calthulhu

    [COMPOUND] Saunders Hyper Glide cable guide mini review.

    I wasn't sure where to put this - does a cable guide count as a 'sticky out bit'? *Cue series of replies telling me where to stick my cable guide* Right, to business: I just received this little gizmo, and though I haven't had a chance to shoot with it, the difference is so obvious that I...
  2. Calthulhu

    Nock removal tool

    As my only real (minimal) value here is for off topic gun related reminiscences, comedy value, ebay picks, and cheap alternatives to specialist equipment, I thought I'd run this idea past the board. Having recently had to remove a busted nock without access to a dedicated tool (it's amazing what...
  3. Calthulhu

    Easton Deadbolt

    I need to preface this by saying that I don't own a TV, have never actually seen an episode of the Walking Dead, and haven't been to the cinema in well over a decade - therefore I'm not by any means one of the new wave of zombie fan, despite my current profile picture. However...
  4. Calthulhu

    Gameplan Crossover mini review.

    I recently snagged one of these from - you guessed it - ebay, and I'm rather impressed. I initially bought it for my Carbon Force 400 crossbow, but subsequently found out that it's equally at home carrying a compound bow or even a rifle. It doesn't fully encase whatever it's carrying, which...
  5. Calthulhu

    G5 SGH broadheads mini review

    I know that broadheads are essentially pointless (pun intended) in the UK, but I recently acquired a three pack of the G5 small game head specifically for stump shooting. I was previously using Judos, and whilst doubtlessly well suited to their suggested use of small game, the wire 'claws' get...
  6. Calthulhu

    Limbsaver DZ36

    I know this is a bit of a niche bow and an acquired taste, but I really love mine - so smooth, quiet, and vibration free. I even really like the girder-esque aesthetics. Anyhoo, one of the selling points is that it can be taken down sans press, though the supplied manual is less than...
  7. Calthulhu

    Advert oops

    He's been picking up tips from The Walking Dead I guess.
  8. Calthulhu

    Save us from vociferous n00bs!!

    This guy gives excellent advice - just do the total opposite of everything he says and you'll be fine. He was lucky that the Genesis is more toy than bow, or he'd be picking bits of it out of his arm. Oh, and can anyone tell me where to get one of those pro bows with a stop in it? Is he...
  9. Calthulhu

    AWS Raptor

    Has anyone got their sticky mitts on one of these yet? Technology | STS I enquired to the manufacturer last year, both regarding buying one and potentially even importing them into Europe. However, they insisted that the buying price would include all local taxes despite being exported to the...
  10. Calthulhu

    PSE Tac15i arrows

    They're 26.5" long and have traditional nocks, so they're arrows, not bolts in my book ;-P So, I know that the mighty PSE has such a hairy chest and big dangly gonads that it can only live on a diet of arrows made from girders wrapped in an alloy of unobtanium and adamantium, but why? I'm not...
  11. Calthulhu

    Bow Scale

    I seem to be on a big ebay kick at the moment, so I thought I'd round it of with this. Anyone seen the ?24.99 digital bow scales for sale on ebay? Digital Bow Scale | eBay Notice the striking resemblance to this item currently selling for a very competitive ?1.39? 50kg x 50g Digital LCD...
  12. Calthulhu

    Iffy Arrow Wraps

    I recently bought a new set of shafts, and spotted some very funky looking wraps being sold by an American ebayer. I'm a crumbling old goth, and have a bit of skull fixation, so the skull pile design tickled my pickle....and who doesn't enjoy a vigorous pickle tickling, eh? Oh, this is the...
  13. Calthulhu

    Budget pin sight cover

    Soooo, I was browsing ebay, and found this: Neoprene Waterproof DSLR Camera Lens Pouch Case Bag Size S for Canon Nikon Sony | eBay Just over a quid including shipping from china, and perfect for protecting your pin sights. I'm only using a Copper John Dead Nuts Battleaxe with a fairly small...