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  1. chaosbat

    Hand warmers - recommendation

    Just this week i bought a hand warmer to keep me warm while field shooting. I decided to go for the peacock hand warmer lighter fuel version. I used it this weeked and it was fantastic- best buy ive made in a while. I would recommend one of these to anyone who shoots outdoors this time of year...
  2. chaosbat

    [Horsebow] Field shooting horsebow

    I have just bought a hungarian Magyar horsebow, i was fed up with catching my longbow in the trees on field shoots. question what catagory does this type of bow come under for field shooting?
  3. chaosbat

    Leeds, Yorkshire,Longbows

    Hi All I am new to longbow and very interested in the history side of things. Most members of my club shoot recurve as first choice with only one or two archers having a preference for the more traditional style. I would like to get together with like minded people for possible shoots-get...
  4. chaosbat

    Longbow exploded

    Hi All I am new to this forum and relitivley new to archery. I decided to take the plunge and bought a longbow made of lemonwood,purple heart,and hickory.55lb at 28" Its my first long bow and i was really excited about shooting it for the first time. I went along to the club night and was doing...