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    [English Longbow] Bow Building 1: Longbows

    Hi guys, I just released the first book of my series about Primitive Bow Building on Amazon. 328 pages, 429 photos, 29 graphics and 4 videos. All the best Matthias
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    Bow Building Online Class 1 - The Longbow

    Hello colleagues! I just finished translating my first book in English. 318 pages, 409 photos and 3 videos. 44 pages free preview Interview with bowyer's legend Paul Comstock. Module 1 - The Longbow Module 2 - Trees and Bow wood - Basics Module 3 - Saplingbows Module 4 - The Ash Snake...
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    Longbows in History with a relatively flat belly?

    Hello. I was wondering if there were any longbows in history with a relatively flat belly? High draw weight warbows with a belly that is not that rounded? Elm longbows with a flatter belly than ususual? Matthias
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    Bow Building School - Bow Making Online Classes

    My name is Matthias Wiltschko. I am a bowyer from Austria (Europe). In 2017 I released a Bow Building Online Class in German language on In 2018, I will translate the first course in English and hopefully publish this year. The first course deals with the advantages and the...