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  1. Pete_Mc

    3D Field Archery Centres / Courses?

    I wonder if any veteran field archers out there can tell me if there are field archery courses / centres other than Wye Valley down on the Welsh borders. Whilst I've been told this is an excellent course, it's just a bit of a hoof from 'up North'. I know there are open shoots on most weekends...
  2. Pete_Mc

    [American Flatbow] 67" AFB String Length / Bracing Height?

    Hello archery gurus. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they would consider would be the ideal string length for a Union Jack AFB 67", 48# @28", with self nocks which are not built up. The current string is 61.5" (66" between nocks ) & the bracing height is 8". I assume that this is...
  3. Pete_Mc

    [American Flatbow] Matching arrows to bows

    Hi guys, I've recently had the good fortune to pick up a Jack Belcher Union Jack AFB. It's 48lb @ 28. I've been shooting a 40lb ELB and I'm pretty sure that my current 30lb pine woodies won't be up to the job. I want to continue shooting woodies, what would people suggest? POC @ 55lbs? Thanks...
  4. Pete_Mc

    [American Flatbow] Newbie Question: UK Hill-style Flatbow ? (entry bow)

    As a newbie who is currently Target shooting ELB, I'd like to give Field a go and I'd like to shoot a Hill-style AFB, preferably with a straight grip. Much as I'd love to be able to afford the ?500 for a Fairbow Rebel, a Rex Oakes Saggitarius or a Sylvan Archery American Longbow, I'm afraid I'm...