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    Looks like a bargain to me.......

    les howie bow | eBay
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    "That sounded funny...."

    Turns out we've changed from wooden guy-rope pegs to metal ones. Very solid metal ones. And I managed to miss the nice soft four-feet-wide target, and hit the tiny bit of half-inch-wide metal peg that was sticking up out of the ground behind the boss instead. And the nock? Well, when the...
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    I got a Border!!

    There you go.
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    Border Abbotsford?

    It's arrived! Turns out I got a Border 'Abbotsford'. It is very old. Looks in ok shape though, see how it shoots tomorrow..........
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    High praise from the club coach today.

    "You were looking alright this afternoon." She used to coach the Olympic squad. I'll settle for a 'looking alright' :)
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    I got a Border!!

    OK, it's far from new, nearly the same vintage as me in fact, but I don't care, it's a Border :) :) :) :cake: :beer: :cake2: :beer: all round!!
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    How much abuse can a pair of Border limbs take? Over forty inches of it........ <a href="" target="_blank">
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    NASA crossbow....

    Yes, that really is a half-inch steel cable for a string, and a 1000lb electric winch to draw it. Typical rocket scientists, no sense of moderation ;)
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    Archery stuff and eBay - what is it with people?

    The last three used fletching jigs I've seen on eBay have all sold for the same price as a new one. Now there's a Cartel mini compound bow that's already going for *more* than a new one (including delivery!) and still has a day left before the auction ends...... Weird. It'll be interesting...
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    Heavier limbs or more practice?

    I'm struggling to improve at 100 yards (barebow), wondering if I'd find it easier if I moved up from 35lb to 45lb limbs? I kind of feel like I should up the poundage anyway cos I've been shooting the 35's since I started archery about two years ago.
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    Not getting anywhere with 100 yards barebow

    80 yards is going fine, getting somewhere around 50/doz and the occasional 60+, and increasing steadily - fairly happy with that - but after at least six months of it 100 yards is still a 50-50 that I hit the target at all. The misses are usually very close misses, but there are still just as...
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    Quite chuffed :)

    222 for 4doz at 60 yards, barebow. Pretty good for me :) I have already awarded myself :beer:, alas I have no :cake: but to make up for cake-lack I have more :beer::beer: instead. I do have chilli which has quite a lot of chocolate in it, but that isn't enough to make it count as :cake: ;)
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    "I need a better bow" angst has just kicked in....

    ....which has got me wondering how long it usually takes for the "I'd get better scores if I spent more on my kit"-demon to speak up? :) 18 months with a Samick SHT for me, BTW, and I think it's a lovely bow (don't want to hurt it's feelings LOL)
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    Lack of focus?

    So there I am, innocently pulling my lousy shots out of the boss, when I hear "I missed these two because of YOU!" "excuse me?" I reply, somewhat mystified. "I missed those two shots because you MOVED when I was at full draw. That's the SECOND time you've done it." (followed by the speaker...
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    [Horsebow] New Kaya horsebow takes its first two kills tonight :)

    One dead brick in the back wall of the sports hall (OOPS!) and one dead 'boo arrow. That thing was MUCH pointier when I sent it out of the bow :) Short bows really are quite sensitive to a fluffed release, aren't they?
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    [Horsebow] Interesting research article on Asian composite warbows

    Bit technical in places, but interesting on why bows and guns in war co-existed for hundreds of years in Asia but not in the western world.