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    Sight pin way over right.

    If you cant the bow your sight will need to be moved at distance. Aligning the sight bar with the string, although the normal practice, won’t work. Shoot some arrows at short distance with the sight set at 10m and then with the sight as low as it will go. if the arrows are not in line vertically...
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    Define camouflage

    What about "men have to have sleeves but women don't". Sexist!
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    Bow Poundage

    Brady is currently shooting 47. He said that he has learned to settle for what he can manage well rather than shooting what he thinks he ought to.
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    Bow arm shoulder shrugging up when expanding.

    I used to have this problem. Try using your hand in a low position. What I mean by that is to cock your wrist so that the lower part of your thumb is pushing against the bow with your wrist bent up. This locks the triceps and, in my case, prevents my shoulder from lifting.
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    Anchor Point

    When I first took up archery in the mid 1960's I was taught to put the string to the tip of my nose and the middle of my chin so that my forefinger was under the jawbone. After a few years I gave up archery (wish I hadn't) and did various other things. I returned to archery in 2007 to discover...
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    Leaving bows strung

    If a bow is made of wood I can see good reason not to leave it strung for long periods, but what if it's made of carbon, foam, plastic or any other man made material? Has anyone any evidence that leaving such limbs strung will affect their performance or alter their structure in some way? Bow...
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    W&W NS Limbs

    Have any of you had experience of the new limbs from W&W? If so I would like your opinion of them as I am considering changing my Inno EXPower limbs. Mine are an early version of the EX and I find that they stack at the end of the draw quite markedly. If you have tried the NS limbs which riser...
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    Marksman Crusader

    Anyone happen to know what the bracing height should be for a Marskman Crusader 68" bow?
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    WIN & Win Risers

    Anyone know if all of the current W&W risers have the same geometry or do they vary? I ask because I am thinking of upgrading my CXT riser to the new TFT but I'm not sure whether or not it will make a difference.
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    Stabiliser off centre

    I have a Win and Win CXT, which I bought second hand (it was almost new), and the long rod thread is set at an angle. I am not sure why as the brass flange seems to be even with the riser all around so I suspect that it is either bent internally or that the drilling is out of true. It points...
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    I recently changed my riser to a W&W CTX and am very pleased with it. Last night I, for the first time with this riser, set a target at 100 yards, set my sight close to the bottom of the track drew the bow to find that I couldn't see the target because the long rod was in the way. I managed to...
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    X!) Tuning

    I have recently bought some X10 arrows and was tuning them at 15 metres on Saturday. I know that's probably not far enough but all I can manage at home. My bare shafts were landing in the group but with the nocks to the left. In the past I have corrected this when tuning ACE's by adjusting the...
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    Win and Win EX Power limbs

    Anyone know if there are different size dovetail buttons for Win and Win limbs? I have a set of EX Power limbs and have just changed my riser to a W&W CXT and where the dovetails were a snug fit in the previous riser they now have a fair bit of back and forward movement, although none side to side.
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    On another thread in this forum there is a discussion as to whether archery should go metric completely. My own view is that the eclectic mix of rounds that we enjoy, whether metric or imperial, keeps shooting interesting as we have lots of choices. My own pet hobby horse is that we have two...
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    Front node

    Does anyone know whether or not it matters as to where the front node of the arrow is in relation to the button? Easton's information suggests that the arrow should be one inch past the button which would mean that I could be shooting an arrow an inch shorter than my current arrows with the...
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    Clout scoring

    I cannot find this anywhere; probably looking in the wrong places. Does anyone know the equivalence ratios to apply to adjust barebow, compound etc. scores to recurve? Thanks
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    I shoot a Fibrebow 5.99 with Inno EX Power limbs. How many other archers are still shooting Fibrebows, I wonder? Any idea whether there is going to be another version of the Fibrebow?
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    Master Bowman

    Does anyone know when the recurve MB standards were revised, and what they were previous to the change? Have they been changed more than once since the early seventies?
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    Anyone got any experience of using chronographs in bow tuning? If you have which is the best and how useful is it?
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    Bow Handle

    How many experienced archers shoot their bows with a handle that is not the original supplied by the manufacturer, or have modified it in some way or other? If so what have you done to it or which make of handle are you using?