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  1. Shewolf

    [Horsebow] Hun Archery

    I have ordered a Kassai bow from Hun Archery and have waited almost 8 weeks, despite their website stating 2 - 3 weeks and ther order acknowledgement stating 3 - 4 weeks. All I get in reply to my emails (when I get a reply!) is that "Kassai is very busy - please be patient - we have not...
  2. Shewolf

    Handicap Question

    If a junior or indeed any archer only has one scoring handicap round in their first outdoor season, what opening handicap allocation would you give them in their second? I've had several interpretations of the rules, now I'm confused
  3. Shewolf


    Being a newbie to archery & Archery Interchange, here goes for my first 'post'. I wear varifocals and found that when I started recurve archery a few months ago, the target was very blurred. I'm no spring chicken and the mobility of my neck is not wonderful, so it was difficult to turn my...