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    AGB Membership Fees 20/21

    My club is shoooting, but with social distancing required by Archery GB, and a limited number of targets, we can only cope with 10 archers at a time. We share our ground with other sports, and therefore are time limited. Only just over a third of members are shooting at the moment, so I think...
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    Can you help identify this vintage recurve bow?

    I had a Sherwood Poitier in 1967; they were priced around the same as Marksman bows at that time. (The bow above isn't a Poitier.) I traded it in for a Marksman Olympic TS4, which I was much happier with.
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    AGB Advice for returning to shooting 13/5/20

    And its a pity people arent using it, but are adding to the AGB Refunds thread instead. Can the Mods move those comments onto this thread please?
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    Is my nocking point legal?

    Mark2, I think your 8mm nock point is more reasonable. If I were a judge, I'd be asking myself if the primary purpose of 15mm of serving was that of a nocking point. (though I know nothing of barebow rules!)
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    Faulty bowstringer!

    I have a Saunders stringer which has a plastic moulding to grip the top limb, which it does far better than any other stringer currently on the market. Unfortunately, the plastic has now split where it holds the cord. Very poor workmanship - I've only had it for 49 years! Its replacement will...
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    Adjustable V Bars

    I have an Arten which must be well over 30 years old. I found that once you had the ideal setting, Loctite solved the problem of the bars moving.
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    Cheapish training limbs

    In that price bracket I'd be looking at KG Phoenix limbs. Buy British!
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    To the best of my knowledge Howdens are the Brokers to AGB and not the insurers, so theyare erring on the side of caution in giving that advice. The policy covers (amongst other things) AGB's (and its members') Legal Liability for injury or damage to third parties or their property. It would be...
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Block the hole so you never do it again. Either a nice shiny bolt or just a bit of tape.
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    KINETIC ARIOS 2 RISER - Any good?

    No need to fiddle with shims; one of the two holes where the vertical track screws to the extender will be slightly elongated, so you just slacken the screws slightly and adjust until the track is perfectly vertical.