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    Battle Archery

    Anyone tried this? I did it a couple of weeks ago for a stag do. It's kind of like paintballing with low poundage barebows and arrows with foam pads instead of points. It was actually really good fun I'd recommend it. Easily found with a quick bit of Googling.
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    Easton Quiver Belt

    Ordered a new Easton Quiver last week. It didn't have a belt with it but I thought it wouldn't matter as I can use the belt from my old quiver, which is also made by Easton, so the belt should be fine. Turns out my original belt is too wide to fit through the new quiver. Not really much of a...
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    Slow service from a certain shop in Loughborough

    I ordered a couple of small bits last sunday. The next day (monday 6th) I recieved an email saying the order had been dispatched via 48 hour Royal Mail. Wednesday morning I expect the order with the post but it doesn't come so I call them up and they say that it should be 48 hours but Royal...
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    Made my first dozen arrows

    Made my first dozen arrows at the weekend. 6 spined at 45/55 and 6 spined at 50/55 for my 40# flatbow. I'm gonna try both sets and see which best suits the bow and then make another dozen at that spine. I doubt any one cares about htis sort of thing but I thought I would post it and see.
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    Where does Flatbow fall under GNAS rules?

    Decided to try shooting some rounds on my new Flatbow and had a look at what scores you need to get a 3rd class classification and I can't see a category for Flatbow. I'm assuming it won't fall into the Longbow category but will it fall into Recurve Barebow? Any help would be great as I plan...
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    [American Flatbow] String Silencers

    I've seen these online when looking at traditional archery stuff. Are they really worth having for Target/Field or are they more just for show?
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    Recurve Brace Height

    Hey everyone, My friend is in the middle of doing a beginners course and I said that once she has finished and joins the club I will let her shoot my old recurve for a bit to build up her strength before she buys her own bow. I haven't shot it for a while since I switched to AFB and wanted to...