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    Easton Triumph Arrows - 500 Spine -

    I shoot compound limited, 50# dw PSE Xpression and shoot Easton Gamegetters in 500 spine, or X7 in 2114. Love them, but have bent a good few and have a hankering now for carbons. I tried some Mybo Hailstorms but they were a tad stiff and really thin which I didn't adjust to after shooting 2114...
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    For Sale Ben Pearson MX3 - Chocolate, 44#, 27"

    My 2018 Ben Pearson is for sale. I used this bow whilst awaiting a repair on my PSE Xpression. Did a great job, 38" a-t-a which was good for me being a finger shooter. Mint bow, strings and cables all good, LMS cams with 27" draw module fitted, will need other modules available to adjust. Peak...
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    Sights & Scope Hindsight

    Never used a peep (Compound Ltd - NFAS) but fancy a Hindsight - anyone know where I can get one other than the US?
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    Launcher Fingers & Biscuit

    Hi guys, switched to a Whisker Biscuit from my Free Flyte whilst I get used to drawing new bow, as the arrow falls off the rest until I sort my form out. Should the arrow at rest be pointing slightly left of the riser and down as a finger shooter rather than straight an level? Cheers,
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    Compound Bow Ben Pearson Bows?

    Anyone have any experience of Ben Pearson bows? I can pick up a new MX3 (in brown) for roughly half price - around ?350 - and although I really don't need it (have a Core Zeal and PSE Xpression 60lb already) I am convincing myself it will be just right as it's more powerful than the Zeal and not...
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    Strings & Cables String Change - tricky?

    My 2016 PSE Xpression could do with new strings and cables. I have the lengths and can order the strings but with no bow press is it safe to try and change them myself or should I take it to a shop (nearest is Quicks in Waterlooville)? Cheers all,
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    Wanted Hoyt Freestyle or Tribute

    Hoyt Freestyle or Tribute, for finger shooter. Ideally suitable for 27-27.5 draw length but can always buy mods if required.
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    [OTHER] Stab Bolt

    Hi all, I have an old Easton Hunter II short stab I'd like to use but there both it and my riser have threaded holes. I assume I need a 5/16x24 short headless bolt to join them, anyone know where I could get one (tried the net, no joy)? Thanks,
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    Hi, My Premier Carbon limbs (secondhand) arrived today. They are in mint condition, but I notice they have the little mushroom shaped Limbsavers attached. Are these fitted by Border? I assume they were put on by previous owner, I'll have to take them off to shoot NFAS Barebow, but do Border...
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    Premier Carbon Limbs - Bow Length?

    Hi guys, I've purchased some second hand Premier Carbons. The box states "Bow Length - 68", which I assume is on a standard 25" riser. They are rated 38lb, if I put them on a 21" riser will this affect the draw/poundage to any degree? Assistance appreciated. This will be my first recurve since...
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    Vane size for 2212 Allys?

    Hi guys, Just switched back to allys after dabbling with carbons. I've gone for 2212 X7's and loving them. Currently fletched with EP23 vanes and used both indoor (practise only) and for Field/3D. Arrow length is 27.5", bow is a Rytera Bullet at 50lb DW. Someone mentioned my 2.3" vanes may be...
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    Cutting Aluminium Arrows

    Hi guys, have purchased some secondhand XX75 arrows. They are 2.5 inch too long for me but I figured I can cut them down myself - would a pipe cutter like this one work ok: MINI BRAKE PIPE / TUBE CUTTER - 3 TO 22MM | eBay
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    400 spine Carbon vs 400 spine Alloy?

    Hi, Shooting my Lightspeed 3Ds tonight for the first time and they were all over the place. It was as if they were too light for the bow (Rytera Bullet X compound at 54lb approx on finger release). They were all going right, yet my 2117 Gamegetter Alloys shot OK. Same length arrows, 27.5"...
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    Why So Slow (177 FPS)?

    Hi, I have a Rytera Bullet, Nitrous C Cams, set to around 54lb, fitted with a Timberdoodle arrow rest and I shoot off fingers. At the club wood today they had a chronometer and my arrows registered only 177 FPS - from a bow advertised as capable of 300 FPS. So why the huge discrepancy in speed...
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    Martin/Rytera Nitrous C Cams

    Hi all, I'm looking to reduce my draw length on my Rytera Bullet. Anyone know whether I need a bow press/additional modules to come down from a 28" draw to a 27.5", any help much appreciated.
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    Finger Shooters sneered at?

    Hi, I shoot a compound, using fingers. It seems that recurve/traditional archers sneer at compound bows as if they are some form of cheating, and fellow "compoundistas" all seem to shoot release aids and ask "why would you want to shoot a compound with fingers?" as if I'm somehow mentally...
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    Springy Rests

    Hi, Does anyone use a simple springy rest on their Compound? I put a Whisker biscuit on my Bullet which I had on another bow but I don't require a containment rest and I'd like to see as much of the arrow as possible as I'm planning to shoot Bowhunter or Compound Limited. Are springy rests a...
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    Rytera Bullet - Anyone shoot one?

    Just purchased a Rytera Bullet from Centreshot, got a good deal from Dave and Janice and shot it tonight. Really impressed with it, quiet and smooth. Anyone else got/had one? Anything to watch out for? It's not a current model I believe, perhaps I should have checked before flashing the plastic...
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    Martin Fuzion Modules Question

    Hi guys, I'm returning to Archery after a few years away, ex-NFAS member, have joined a local club since moving back up North. Having shot at my new club with a recurve to the coaches' satisfaction, and having been signed off, decided to buy myself a compound. I used to shoot a PSE Nova with a...