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    Recurve Stabilisers weight distribution question ?

    Hi all, I have been searching through archery books and the internet to see if I can find anything that explains what a good starting point is for weight distribution when using stabilisers on a recurve bow. Let me explain. (I'm only going to talk about stabilisers, I know technique etc. etc...
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    Shocq Elite Double Recurve Bow Case what do you think ?

    Hi, I'm looking for a new case, and this one really seems to hit all the buttons. If anyone has this case can they give me a little review of how it holds up over time For ?150+ I want to make sure I'm going to be buying something that will last, and protects my bows. It looks bullet proof...
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    SF Ultimate & Win&Win WS600

    All, I have a SF Ultimate Pro Sight, which I think is the bees Knees, but I tried to get a second Sight mounting block for a second riser, and I'm unable to. Firstly if anyone knows where I could get one of these I would be most grateful. If the above fails, I have read that this sight shares...
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    W&W Sebastian Flute Elite Plus Riser

    I have one of these, and wanted to get another as I think they are fantastic. I now see that they are not available any more, can anyone suggest alternatives, in Carbon as the one I have is just excellent. Thank you
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    Easton Triumph Arrows

    Hello, I want to get some Triumph's for indoor shooting (Recurve), but I just can work out the right spine, tip weight etc. that would be "ideal" I don't have the time to goto a shop so I need to order on line. My Draw weight is currently 34lb, and I'm using 28.75" arrows (ACC 3l-04/750)...