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    Shooting with a glove

    Does this mean you can?t shoot with a glove?? From World Archery Rules. An anchor plate or similar device attached to the finger protection (tab) for the purpose of anchoring is not permitted. The bow must be shot using the "Mediterranean" loose (one finger above the arrow nock) or fingers...
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    Bow poundage vs. wooden arrow spine?

    So I'm looking forward to the winter projects list and one of them is making up some arrows to replace the sad, smashed remnants of the summers shooting.. Currently I'm shooting 11/32 shafts bought for a 45lb recurve since sold. I'm now shooting a 35 lb bow and much happier with it. I'm...
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    LH Bearpaw Hunter

    Selling my Left Hand 45 lb @ 28? Hunter which I bought new in January this year. Comes with Bearpaw Whisper String and spare string. Some very light scratches from the woods on the risers and a tiny mark on the riser that was on the bow when it arrived. Only selling as it?s on the heavy...
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    How do you know if you?re over bowed?

    Or just have very poor form?
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    Wood arrow assembing

    So, I'm just starting out with a bare bow and managing to break a fair few arrows so bought 24 cheap shafts that I've just had a good look at. 5 are pretty much dead straight, another 6 not too bad at all and the rest have a definite bend in them mostly towards one end so my plan is to trim...
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    Bear Archery vs Bearpaw ?

    Anyone know the links between them? In an ideal world Id like a Bear Grizzly or Bearpaw Hunter, Which seemed to previously have been the Grizzly Hunter, Which is a development of both the Bear Grizzly and Bear Kodiak made by a different company in a different country.... One comes with a 30...
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    My new bow

    ....Arrived today. I?m relatively new to Archery and I?m thinking my nice new Samick SHT is not some super advanced bow so was more than a bit surprised that it came with zero instructions. No guide, no recommendations, nothing..not one bit of paperwork in the box, not even the usual unwanted...