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    Another 2 knives for sale!

    Hi All, I have 2 new knives for sale at prices just above material cost! The first one is a blade from is made by Ulf Nygardh in 4mm thk AEB-L Stainless, OAL 191mm, blade (sharp) 80mm. Scales are dark desert ironwood burr with black fibre liners, brass Corby's & mosaic pins. The handle is...
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    For sale: 2 Knives

    Hi all, One of my other pastimes is knife making. Every now & again I have a clear out (read pressure from swmbo.) I have 2 nice knives that I'm selling at cost +RM next day delivery. Both these knives have handles of Arizona desert ironwood, black liners & brass rivets. The lower knife...
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    Longow/Flatbow making materials

    Hi, This is my first post & not sure where to put it. Due to ill health I find that I can no longer make bows & have decided to sell as a job lot what I have left. Here are the materials etc that I have.. Planks.. Lemonwood is 82" x 4.75" x 1.625" thk. Probably enough for about 6 flatbows (if...