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  1. wingate_52

    How best to go about fitting new cables and string on my compound.

    Got the string and cables, Winners Choice X8190. Got the Kaya bow press, Beiter string tools. Got the peep, new cable slide, new D-loop, mini serving tool and serving, speed buttons and a kisser. I have a length of plywood with the axle positions, D-loop position, speed buttons all marked...
  2. wingate_52

    DIY Arrow Cut Off Saw

    MDF and Plywood, with an Ebay Diamond cut off disc in an old Dremel. Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing
  3. wingate_52

    Adding weight to PinPoints

    Bought my Pinpoints. 150gn for Fatboys. My present Fatboy points are 160gn. Any ideas how to add weight to the solid Pinpoints. I have some magnets at 6gns each that I could superglue to the flat end of the Pinpoint then stick them in with a little hotmelt as per usual. The magnets hold well...
  4. wingate_52

    Best Bowstring

    What is your best bowstring? Where did you buy it from or have you made it yourself? What is good about it and why?