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  1. dottorfoggy

    For Sale Long limbs and 27" prodigy xt

    Hoyt formula 840 30# long brand new, used a couple on month Hoyt formula 720 34# long, used 2 years, a couple of dents on the paint job, nothing related to the integrity of the limb, work perfectly. Hoyt formula prodigy xt 27" right, no scratch, original grip plus ortho grip, plus beiter...
  2. dottorfoggy

    Exchange 27" prodigy xt

    Anyone interested to change your prodigy RX to my XT turquoise? No defect and do his job really good, just want to try another riser. Based in finland Daniele
  3. dottorfoggy

    Easton ACE 430 32" - from finland

    23 Easton ace 430 spine 32" long from nock center to end to the shaft 12 used just in competition - one have a small sign just behind the point, nothing relevant 11 used in training - still good to shoot even at 90mt, i can till manage to shoot them all in gold - the 12' was a robin hood :(...
  4. dottorfoggy

    tips for a new string

    Amazing! I will try it for sure!
  5. dottorfoggy

    tips for a new string

    My string (72") with 30/40 twist, you can see also how look serving, really solid :D My girl string (66") with 20 twist
  6. dottorfoggy

    tips for a new string

    it's time to make my own string, i found the ideal brace and the actual string, on a 72" have like 50+ twist, too much. as i read need like 20/30 twist some small details: - which rotation i have to keep when twisting the string? looking from upside, clockwise or counterclockwise? - also on the...