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  1. Hax

    For Sale Win & Win Inno Ex Prime - 70", 40lb limbs

    Hi all For sale are my Win & Win Inno Ex Prime limbs. I bought them used a few weeks ago and used them for about a week and a half until I got my hands on a set of Border limbs. The previous owner had only had the limbs for about a week and as such, they are in great condition with the...
  2. Hax

    For Sale New Easton X10 5" Extender

    Hi all, I have a new, unused Easton X10 5" extender for sale. I'm looking for ?27.50 which includes PayPal fees and postage. Any questions, just shout. Cheers, Adam
  3. Hax

    For Sale Shibuya Dual Click Recurce Sight

    Shibuya Dual Click Recurve Sight Hi all A recent upgrade to my sight now leaves me with my Shibuya Dual Click going spare. Mechanically, it is a sound device without any problem. However, there are a couple of nicks to the paintwork from careless arrow loading - I have tried to capture this...
  4. Hax

    For Sale SF Forged+ Riser in Black

    Hi All I've recently upgraded to a CXT and so my SF Forged+ Riser, in black, is up for sale. The riser was bought by myself back in May last year after I completed my beginners course. It has been well used since then, but is generally in good condition with only a couple of minor cosmetic...
  5. Hax

    For Sale: Nexus 7 16GB, rooted, complete boxed

    *** SOLD*** Nexus 7 16GB, rooted, complete boxed ***SOLD*** Hi All An "off topic" for sale but someone may be interested before I put this on ebay. I have for sale, my Google Nexus 7. It's the 16GB version and I have had it since the end of August so it is only 3 months old. It has been...
  6. Hax

    For Sale Decut 120 Recurve Sight

    Hi all I have recently changed to a Shibuya Dual Click sight which means that my "old" sight is now redundant and up for sale. It was only bought back in the middle of June and was used up until the middle of October when I bought my new sight. It is in great condition and worked flawlessly...
  7. Hax

    For Sale *NEW* Easton QH100 Quiver in Green + Easton Belt

    Hi all Due to a miscommunication with my OH, I have ended up with two Easton QH100 hip quivers in Green (the larger one shown here | Easton Archery) along with two medium Easton quiver belts. So, one set is up for sale. It is still wrapped in the unopened bubble wrap it arrived in so I...