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  1. Tom

    A couple of computer bits and bobs for sale

    1 used socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor (Venice Core). It's got the original heatsink and fan. Boxed but the internal packaging is a bit mashed up (I'll package it out nicely with bubble wrap or similar). I'll even include a syringe of thermal paste in the sale. The processor is in...
  2. Tom

    Dozen Cartel Triple

    For sale: A dozen Cartel Triple Arrows. Spine 700, length 28" (fron nock groove to end of shaft). According to the Cartel chart they'll suit a 35-40# recurve at this arrow length. They are fitted with white Beiter nocks (3.98/2), 110 grain break off points and fletched with 45mm Kurly Vanes...
  3. Tom

    2 Arten Carbon short rods

    For sale: 2 x 12" Arten Carbon short rods with weights. ?25 including postage (ono) or I would consider a trade for 2 x basic 8" carbon short rods with weights (brand not important)
  4. Tom

    Hoyt Gold Medalist Limbs

    For sale are some Hoyt Gold Medalist Limbs. Medium size (68" on a 25" riser) and 38lbs @ 28" draw. They are glass/wood construction and the current equivalent would be Hoyt Epic Limbs. They are in great condition and still perform well. I'm only selling them because I've upgraded...
  5. Tom

    Cartel Junior Arrows For Sale

    12 x Cartel Junior Arrows. They're 1916s and are 28" long. 9 are fletched, 3 are unfletched and they have Beiter nocks. They have seen very little use (about 6 months indoors) and are in great nick. Performance is somewhere in between Jazz and XX75 and they're very durable. They'd set you...
  6. Tom

    Border Mirage

    I've got a Border Mirage that's looking for a new home. I thought I'd post it here and see if there was any interest before I try Ebay. I don't really want to get rid of it but I can't justify owning 2 bows at the moment :( Despite being over 20 years old its still a beautiful bow and is...
  7. Tom

    Wanted: nocks for 5.4mm and 5.5mm shafts

    Wanted: nocks for 5.4mm and 5.5mm carbon shafts Has anyone out there got some 5.4 and/or 5.5 Beiter Out-Nocks? I need them to go on some old Easton P/C and Beman Racing shafts that I've got lying around. Alternatively, any nocks that will fit on 5.4mm and 5.5mm shafts would do as I'm only...
  8. Tom

    Mercury filled stabiliser

    Now off the market.
  9. Tom

    Extender and V-Bar

    I've got a 4" Cartel Aluminium/Carbon Extender and an angled Shibuya Compact V-bar that are both surplus to requirements. The extender is about a year old and is in good condition. The v-bar is a bit beaten up: some chips to the paint and the bolt is slightly twisted. It was part of a lot I...
  10. Tom

    Rover Practice Butt

    I've got a used Rover practice butt that is taking up space in a cupboard. I reckon it's only taken about 300 arrows so is in pretty good nick. It stopped carbon arrows from a 38-40# bow with no problems but is probably more suitable for bows of lower poundage. Bowsports have got them listed...