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  1. ChakaZulu

    Wanted Easton X7 Blue. 2014. 29.5" or longer.

    I'll consider one spine either side as well.
  2. ChakaZulu


    My local timber merchant have announced that they won't stock purpleheart any more because it is endangered. Anyone else seen this?
  3. ChakaZulu


    I've got these bits of wood sitting in my house waiting for me to turn them into footings. The problem is how. I tried to cut a slot into one to accept the footing, but hand cutting a straight line kinda escaped me and I don't have a bandsaw (I have an electric jigsaw but then I also have...
  4. ChakaZulu

    Arrow selection - my new method

    Ordinarily I know what spine I'm after so I roll the right spine until I find straight ones, then weigh them so they're all the same (ish) and then spine check them and pick the ones that are the closest. Yesterday I went to get arrows for my soon-to-arrive:cloud9: Border Griffon 50lb. I...
  5. ChakaZulu

    Painting and cresting

    I'm trying to make some prettier arrows. At some point I'm going to foot some, but my skills with a saw are fairly poor, so I'm starting with dipping and painting. Started with some bright red paint, thinned with about 1/3 white spirit and poured into a piece of plastic tubing. Then dipped...
  6. ChakaZulu

    Suppliers of other things

    I've bought leather cord and rawhide from Traditional Materials. Good quick service and decent quality stuff. Also sell leather, tools, horn, bone and wood, although not really bow wood. To his credit, the chap who runs it told me straight away that his wood wasn't really up to bows, although...
  7. ChakaZulu

    Drying fallen/cut logs

    OK, time for those with experience to share it. What about fallen wood/newly sawn logs? Specifically, how do you dry it, how long for and under what conditions? Bark on or off? How long can it lie on the forest floor before you pick it up? All you know about drying - let's have it.
  8. ChakaZulu

    Arrow weight

    We all check the spine of our prospective shafts, but until very recently I only checked the weight for the purpose of getting them all the same as each other in a given batch, for consistency. My most recent batch I actively sought out shafts that weighed as close to 300 grains as possible...
  9. ChakaZulu

    What tools do you use?

    In TBB a bunch of guys made bows using just flint tools they made themselves. I know of a contest to make a bow using just an axe. What tools do you guys use? Personally I use a farriers' rasp or a small drawknife for removing lots of wood (occasionally an electric jigsaw for roughing out)...
  10. ChakaZulu

    Arrow material suppliers

    Same deal as bow woods thread. Personally I've used Quicks at Waterlooville - I get my feathers etc mail order from the large choice and go to the shop to pick shafts from a huge box, using the scales and spine tester provided. and The Longbow Shop (Jaselpool on AIUK) - I got some premium...
  11. ChakaZulu

    Bow wood suppliers

    Yandles of Martock - Good selection, everything from full-length boards to arrow footings. Good service and have been known to take back unsatisfactory wood. Wenban-Smith (Worthing) Flybow - All sorts of archery DIY, based in Eire. North Heigham Sawmills - not used but seen recommended. Also...