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  1. frustratatosk

    Barebow Weights

    Where's a good place to get weights from? I looked around last year and it was not obvious that the wieghts I was seeing were ment for the job or for adding to some system. I made one out of 22mm copper end stops and lead but it would be nice to try a few.
  2. frustratatosk

    I'd there a recurve barebow Sub-Forum?

    I can't find one.
  3. frustratatosk

    [OTHER] Got an Osprey

    50# in black and am just getting the hang of it but looks and behaves like a dream. I was wondering though - what would it be called? Traditional, of course, but flat like an AFB. Reflexed like a HB and recurved like a... recurve! A bit Turkish? I like to think it's the kind of bow Odesius...
  4. frustratatosk

    Is this allowed?

    Hi Folks. Under section 204 - Recurve Barebow? Its purpose is that I dont like using a sling (its just me, I dont like the way it has to go between and/or under fingers and the business of 'seatbelting' myself to the bow) This, I find, gives me a soft contact point under my relaxed index finger...
  5. frustratatosk

    Strung limbs

    I was wondering - is there a sensible upper limit for the time a modern laminated limb can remain under tension? Or would it be OK indefinatly as long as, say, it wasn't left to roast in a hot car or something like that?
  6. frustratatosk

    Shooting casual rounds

    I'm in the mood for a bit of a moan so up front apologies! Come on folks, if someone asks if you want to shoot a round just go for it. It doesn't matter if you think you can shine, its always beneficial, good experience and often a nice surprise. Its a pleasure to strive against a better archer...
  7. frustratatosk

    [Horsebow] Thumb tab

    Do we think a thumb tab (made of leather as apposed to a hard thumb ring) would be acceptable in the ArcheryGB traditional class? Or does it have to be 'finger' release?
  8. frustratatosk


    Cupid has put is all to shame tonight [emoji173]
  9. frustratatosk

    Controversial - long rods

    I post this only because my own experiments, while being relatively new to archery but with a good feel for mechanics, has led me to question some broad brush received wisdoms that, in my opinion, are floating around. No disrespect or offence intended, if it works for you - its good. Here goes...
  10. frustratatosk

    Nock path at release

    Something is puzzling me... I understand the outline of the physics behind the archers paradox but what I'm wondering - The nock is connected to the string throughout the acceleration of the arrow. The main motion of the string is towards the riser but also back through the centre-line if the...