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  1. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    I shot the comp last week and came away with a silver medal despite suffering an optical migraine 6 ends from finishing the Portsmouth & having to withdraw from that round, not being able to see the target at 20yds with a chunky longbow wasn’t really going to work, especially as a miss ended up...
  2. Corax67

    New PB

    Congratulations - good score. Karl
  3. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    Ooh now I want a war bow for indoor 😁 Karl
  4. Corax67

    Why we both love & hate 'muricans....

    Life before arrows (my yoof) - air rifles and aerosol cans / fluorescent tubes / gas canisters featured regularly plus light bulb mortars from coke cans & lighter gas How i made half a century I will never know 😁 Karl
  5. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    I think it was probably just a case of someone shooting something a bit different and it threw some people. Shot the longbow for Frostbite and Portsmouth outdoors at our club yesterday - glorious autumnal morning - no one batted an eyelid because they used to a lot of longbows on the line and...
  6. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    Thanks all - my intention is to continue using the 52# as I don’t really want the fuss of having to make and tune a set of arrows for one of the lower poundage bows this close to the comp. Karl
  7. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    This thread is not just to all stick and string merchants : I ventured indoors to a local club open night last week prior to entering their forthcoming comp at the end of this month - I caused many uplifted eyebrows and mutters after my first end of sighters. My pointy sticks had gone into...
  8. Corax67

    now heres a thing I hadnt noticed

    Used a set of recurve fletched arrows on a Hoyt Rukus to set it up and absolutely shredded the fletchings off them - not the end of the world but if I was shooting it regularly I’d tweak the nocks or refletch them. Karl
  9. Corax67

    First dozen arrows for my longbow

    Think recurve arrows when you think longbow arrows - extra length equals extra weight and every ounce counts with a stick & string because of the much lower arrow velocity pound for pound of draw weight compared to recurve. My draw is 28”, my arrows are 28.5” - I know I’m at full draw when I...
  10. Corax67

    First dozen arrows for my longbow

    😂 sadly not the case, hit a target frame wrong and any arrow will ping - the problem is the added weight will make long distance shooting much harder.
  11. Corax67

    Arrow Holder Foam Blocks DIY?

    Made something for one of our club members by heating an old Ali with a spirit burner and melting through some 4” deep high density foam we get as sacrificial packaging in work. Really clean holes and her arrows now sit really nicely in an art tube. A saddler friend of mine has made me some...
  12. Corax67

    [American Flatbow] Arrows for my flatbow

    Taken a while for me to get round to replying - sorry The 1716’s shot ok through the bow but I was missing the smell of wood shavings so I picked up a set of 25-30 because that’s all the local archery shop had in stock and I was too impatient to mail order them. Allied to 100gn points & 4”...
  13. Corax67

    First dozen arrows for my longbow

    Hi Matt - wondered why you decided to go for 11/32” shafts? I only ask because I shoot a 52# @ 28# and my arrows are POC 5/16” 35/40 shafts with 80gn points and 3” feathers - good for point on 12 o’clock white at 100yds. Had considered maybe making a half dozen set of 11/32” for indoor with...
  14. Corax67

    Newbie questions

    Had a quick look for replacement cam sets and other than a $59.95 set on US eBay they appear to be discontinued so sourcing a set might be tricky. A different bow might be a better option than trying to adapt the AlphaMax. Karl
  15. Corax67

    Digital Scoring, New Limbs, First Competition

    The club member was wrong to admonish you for using a calculator - how you add up is entirely up to you, using electronic aids or not is fine. Most of us at club use apps to score our rounds and all of these allow us to email the score sheets to our records officer who is only too delighted to...
  16. Corax67


    One of the great things about longbow is not only is drug and alcohol testing never mentioned on competition application forms but at most events we start the day with a sherry or two supplied by the hosts :) I’ve been going through TUE applications for one of our juniors who has a host of...
  17. Corax67

    Compound shooting

    I shoot both eyes open but a shade over my glasses lens on the non-dominant eye - same technique I always used in pistol and rifle shooting and it really works for me with compound. Strangely with longbow and recurve I find I don’t need the shade. Karl
  18. Corax67

    Arrow Rake

    Paint roller handles on cheap extendable poles are a really good piece of kit for hunting out shy wooden arrows that don’t ping our metal detectors (field full of rugby boot studs giving false positives). We also employ a couple of garden rakes when all else fails. Karl
  19. Corax67

    garden set up advice please!

    Garden range - thought mine was spot on perfect until today, my wife decided to try a compound for the first time. It was only a Rukus Jnr set to around 20# that I was tuning for a junior at our club. First dozen or so arrows were lovely but then she bounced an arrow off the rest just on...
  20. Corax67

    Waxing the String

    I wax my string about every 4th session, shoot an ELB primarily, because it’s how I was taught when I first took up shooting. A basic block of pure beeswax from beekeepers at a country fair is my choice and I melt it into the string with a piece of thin leather salvaged from inside a riding...