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    34” arrows?

    A guy I shoot with is getting sooooo frustrated trying to find carbon/ali (recurve, 36# OTF) arrows 34” long (he’s very tall!). He’s currently using PlatinumPlus aluminums 2315 with 180grn points. ACEs seem to be very difficult to get at 34”?
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    Contra-lateral referral

    Last March my shooting performance collapsed. Almost overnight, arrows were going right, some even missing at 60m. For months I tried everything I could think of, but it kept happening. Could it be related to a severe bacterial infection I had in my bow hand index finger that coincided with the...
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    Little white squares on X10s/ACEs - meaningful?

    Do the little white squares on X10s and ACEs mean something? I used to think their orientation was random... but then someone told me the nocks should be aligned with them. What do they mean? What are they there for?
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    The first World Archery Masters Championships

    The first World Archery Masters Championships, an open entry tournament for archers aged 40 years and over, will be hosted by the World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland on 14-18 August 2018. A multi-discipline schedule featuring indoor, outdoor and field competitions will be...
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    How far can you push an arrow?

    This is about recurves with ACEs. And it is a result of a chance remark from Timid Toad a few months ago along the lines of.... "I can get any of five spines to tune well with my recurve". So this post is about... what range of recurve poundage (OTF) can you tune to shoot well with the same...
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    Korean archery training: true or false?

    Is it true that: 1. When Korean children first start archery training, they don't touch a bow for a month or two. Instead they practice posture? 2. When Korean children move on to holding a bow, they are first taught to shoot without gripping the bow - with a buddy lying on the ground in...
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    Which X10s?

    Changing from ACEs to X10s. But which X10 spine will be right? Data: Recurve, 29 1/4" (nock groove to end of shaft); 43# OTF, want 120grn points. Any suggestions re likely correct spine - bearing in mind the Easton charts are usually a bit wrong?
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    W&W Technical Seminar - the official Quicks videos

    Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:
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    World Masters Games 2017

    Auckland next April: 25,000 competitors & 28 sports incl archery. The archery looks like about 300 places (indoor, target, field), men and women: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+. Anyone from the UK going?
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    Do bows get louder during a round?

    I thought I'd got my recurve's bracing height right. Mostly when I start a round, on release the bow will sound like a dull thud. That feels/sounds right. But after a few hours the sound can go harder (more of a thunk), and louder. Especially noticable after the lunch break and through the...
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    What does each class look like at 60 yards?

    A couple of times in the last fortnight I was asked by other recurve archers, mulling over their arrow distribution on a 60 yard target face, "is this good?". Of course it depends on what class you're talking about... So I worked out, from handicaps, what each class of archer might expect to see...
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    So what does bracing height do to arrow speed?

    Recurve: W&W InnoMax, 37lbs on fingers, 29" ACEs 620 w/100grn points I was pondering on what effect changing bracing height has on arrow speed. Would it show much effect at all? Would it perhaps show there was an optimum bracing height with max arrow speed demonstrating most efficient energy...
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    What matters when?

    I've been pondering on my progress through the senior gents recurve classifications / down the handicaps, and what mattered at each point. It occurred to me that, at each stage, there were different things that most mattered. I know it's probably a bit different for each person, but here it is...
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    Easton shafts & points - quality control?

    Cold wet day, so I set to making up a load of new ACEs. And boy, what a surprise I got. Is this normal? First, the ACE shafts. I've got 24 brand new ACE 670 C3 shafts (should last a year or more), in two new tubes straight from Easton, all cut (by Quicks' saw) from the same end to exactly the...
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    Spinners or regular vanes?

    Advice please.... Recurve, target, 80-100yards, ACEs. Are spinners/curlies or regular vanes best? Spinners/curlies: say GasPro 2" shield medium. Or vanes: say 2" low profile shields. But which? Some say spinners can never achieve the rotation rates required for gyroscopic stabilisation. But...
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    Metal detectors: which are the best ones?

    We've got several metal detectors in our club, but they're all getting old and failing. And they're not much good anyway. So the time's coming when we'll get some more. Does anyone know which makes of metal detectors are the best (target archery, mown field)?
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    Physics: bow weight vs. arrow weight. Max arrow velocity?

    There must have been a thread on this in the past... could your direct me to it? I'm thinking through some physics of recurve archery. For instance: (a) potential energy stored in the limbs when you draw is directly proportional to bow weight, so up the weight by 10% and energy goes up 10%; (b)...