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    Bow tune!? Shooting from left to right from 30m - 90m!?

    Before I get started with this, my sight block is straight and it's not my technique! I shoot tight groups, and the bow seems to be aligned nicely and shoots well. My current set up has beiter button needing 1 full turn for each distance. I.e Shooting at 30m centre, I would then need to put 1...
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    Tuning? Arrows Going Right at 90m, & Left at 30m

    Hi, Need a bit of help, or to hear all your thought etc. As the title suggests my arrows go to right of centre at 90m, and left of centre at 30m. 70m and 50m are about spot on! I usualy just bang away at 70m, as it's my favourite distance. So set up has been sweet for this. Thought I'd have...
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    Damage to sports hall floors from Arrows?

    Hi, Been contacting various venues regarding using their halls for archery... One question that seems to come up again and again is about damage to the floor from arrows. Anyone got any idea on how to reassure them of the the likely hood of damage to the floor? I've never seen anyone shoot...
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    Hoyt 990tx Limbs

    Hi Everyone, Just putting this out there again...Still looking for a set of; 70" 42lb 990tx Hoyt limbs. If you've got a set or know someone that has, and might wanna get rid of them please please let me know! Cheers Lee
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    Limbs I need some Hoyt 990tx long limbs

    Hi Everyone, Anyone got a set of Hoyt 990tx limbs long 40/42lb's they want to off load? I would like to upgrade from my old G3's, but can't afford to buy them new! Please pm me know if you have, and how much your looking for. Cheers Lee
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    70" Bow Bracing height?

    Hi, I'm shooting a 70" bow, Hoyt GMX with 42lb G3 limbs. I have been shooting a gigga string with good results using a 24cm / 9.4" bracing height (i.e. 24cm from string to center of button) By conventional thought this is a very high bracing height, but seems to work for me. Although I would...
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    Money for Archers?

    Just wanted to post this link: Leicester Chess Congress (H E Atkins Memorial) This is a local Chess tournament, and look at the prizes on offer!!! There has gotta be more people involved in Archery than Chess, how do they afford that kind of prize money? When we have non, Chess is also an...
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    Coach Kim Archery School Korea

    So, is there anyone on this forum that has been out to Coach Kim's school in Korea? If on the off chance there is, I would very much like to hear your thoughts and experience. As I would love to go!
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    Fivics CEX5 Stabilizers

    So, Just got a set of these yesterday, feel really nice...Was between these and the W&W but these won out in the end! Tried the Fuse as well, nice feel, but too light. Think you would need a ton of weight on the end of them. But then again after 5 hours of trying out different set ups not sure I...
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    Prizes at competitions?

    I just wanted to gauge feeling and oppinons on this subject. I think it is really lame that there are no prizes for people winning competitions, except at the top level. This seems to be accross the board! Your lucky if you get a little medal, let alone a trophy. I'm not talking massive...
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    Can you help me please!

    Hi Pips, I'm new around here, but could really do with some help! I've been shooting a winstar 1 with 34lb Winex Limbs 70" bow, cartel stabiliser(3" extender 30" rod with bomb and weights on it) and Acc 3-28/500 30 3/4" arrows was about 42/43lbs on the fingers. I had no problem hitting...