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  1. chuffalump

    Setting height of spring blade rest on compound

    Question. I understand that the start point is to have your arrow running level with the rest mounting holes (button holes on a recurve) and your nocking point level or 1/8 higher. BUT the arrow compresses the spring blade. It strikes me that an arrow on the string at brace height has a lot of...
  2. chuffalump

    Dioptre/Magnification eh?

    I was looking for a low cost scope and found a couple in the ?25 range. Thing is, they were classified by magnification rather than dioptre. So I looked it up. Ignoring the magnification vs lens power fudge. A lens dioptre is it's magnification x 4. I've seen people recommend dioptres from 0.5...
  3. chuffalump

    Compound Bow Cheaper compound spares

    After a couple of doldrums years with my recurve I'm thinking about buying a compound to switch things around a bit. The idea isn't to move away from recurve, although that may happen, but to jolt my brain out of some of its bad habits. I can swap between my recurve, horsebow and the compound...
  4. chuffalump


    Thought I'd save some dosh by buying separate parts for a set of traditional(ish) arrows to go with my Samick horsebow. The shafts are POC and I have some shiny brass tapered screw on tips. I'm thinking of a walnut or mahogany stain to show off the brass. Then I thought varnish over the stain...
  5. chuffalump

    [Horsebow] Thumbring conundrum for right handed archer

    So...I was under the impression that the arrow sits on the left of the bow with a med release due to archers paradox (sort of) and the way the string coming off the fingers effects the nock end of the arrow. I was also under the impression that thumbring release required the arrow on the right...
  6. chuffalump

    [Horsebow] Draw length

    So....draw length on a horsebow. I have a relatively long draw length (around the 30 mark Olympic recurve) and I'm interested in a horsebow as my 'trad' archery plaything. Trouble is, I would like to be able to use a thumb draw some/all of the time. I think this means a draw length of at least...
  7. chuffalump

    Crappy archery cracker jokes

    What do you call a Nottingham archer who wraps presents?........ Ribbon Hood!
  8. chuffalump

    [Horsebow] Massive end loops

    Can somebody tell me why my clubmate's Kaya Windfighter comes with huge loops on the string? I can see the way the string lies but can't understand the benefit of the big loops. Unless they somehow help keep the string central?
  9. chuffalump

    Source string materials?

    I'm thinking of making my own strings after getting frustrated with most of the online string ordering systems. It looks like the choice of colors in the UK is fairly limited. Am I missing somewhere? Where do you get yours? BCY do an 8125G in Dark Cherry but none of my standard archery retailers...
  10. chuffalump

    Riser New Winex and Winact VT

    So.....anyone know why there are two W&W risers very close in price with different shapes? What's the point? Personally I prefer the shape of the Winact VT but the Winex seems more commonly available. 😕 Evil Cat Overlord
  11. chuffalump

    Disabled Archers

    Obviously there are many disabled archers out there but I'm thinking specifically of the ones who can't set up the range or bosses on their own. What arrangements (if any) do clubs make to help them/you shoot? I imagine that the bigger clubs are almost always going to have people shooting on...
  12. chuffalump

    Spigarelli ZT rest

    In my quest to buy nice (but not too expensive), transferable things for my bow I thought I'd get a bolt on rest. It replaces the cheap stick on SF jobbie that came with the riser, not that I've ever had any trouble with it. Anyway, even at its maximum height it was nowhere near high enough for...
  13. chuffalump

    Field Quiver Question

    Anybody know what the difference is between an Easton pro tour and the QF50. I have a vague desire for a field quiver but worry they may be on the short side for 31" arrows.
  14. chuffalump

    Flatbow repair.

    So...after the obligatory visit to the parents at Christmas, I find myself the owner of an old Jaques flatbow. Probably worth about a fiver in mint condition. However, it's not in mint condition. Both limb tips are damaged, one with a longitudinal crack and one with a chunk missing (string...
  15. chuffalump

    Definition Time!

    Been trying to find a group of definitions but they seem to be fairly scattered. What actually DOES all this 'limited', 'unlimited', 'freestyle' and probable others, jargon mean? I can tell that its related to equipment you have/use on the bow but.........
  16. chuffalump

    Stolen Archery Kit

    Darlington Archers Inventory of archery equipment stolen on Wednesday 7 August 2013. Hoyt Horizon package Handle (right-hand Hoyt Horizon Riser (Matte black in colour) serial number 867461) SF Elite Fibre Foam Limbs (see sf limbs.jpg for image of what these look like) Fast Flight plus...
  17. chuffalump

    Stolen Gear in Darlington

    If anyone gets a chance, check out the Perris stolen kit register. Some scrotes broke into our lockup and half inched a load of stuff including three new bow packages and a scuttle full of arrows used for beginners courses. Not to mention a woodchipper owned by our hosts at the rugby club. If...
  18. chuffalump

    G-nocks for beginners.

    So, I've searched........ and think I know what's what. But....... Would I be right in thinking that G-nocks are a push-fit into a unibush? Is the unibush a push-fit into the arrow shaft or is it glued? Presumably this means that the nock can be rotated with the application of careful force...
  19. chuffalump

    Spine compensation?

    So.... a bit of advice please. I've just finished my beginners course and looking for my first arrows. Problem - my first set of limbs are 24# and my arrow length needs to be 31" to be on the safe side. The Easton selection page doesn't cover this combination although the free Arrows app can...
  20. chuffalump

    AMO draw length?

    Beginners question here. Hope you guys can clarify it for me. With a recurve my draw length is simple. Draw the bow with a measuring stick or marked arrow. The distance between base of nock groove and button is my draw length. However, I see a lot of shops, selling compounds, stating that...