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  1. AndyW

    Marksman KG1 with Carbon limbs. RH 64, 32x26

    Hi All, I'm selling my beloved KG1 on that very popular auction site. Check out the pics by searching for the above on there and if you like what you see let me know or bid. Comes with a few extras. It's a bit pricey for an old KG1 but it's the best I've ever seen and I'm happy to keep it -...
  2. AndyW

    Heat shrink arrow wraps / cresting. DIY

    I noticed that a few places have started selling heat shrink tubing as an alternative to wraps. When they came pre fletched I can sort of understand the price premium but now that they have gone as far as selling the tubing at a premium I thought I would post this for the money conscious among...
  3. AndyW

    Pretty Arrows - show them off.

    I thought it was about time we had somewhere where we could show off our latest pretty set of arrows. Whatever type they are lets have a look. I will kick off with my latest set.
  4. AndyW

    For Sale Black LH SureLoc Challenger 550 with Beiter 039 scope.

    Well, I went and bought a sight and scope not realising it was Left handed. I know I can turn stuff round but I can't be bothered fiddling so if anyone wants to make me an offer (sensible) please - the highest will get it within reason. The sights is boxed and in good condition with a little...
  5. AndyW

    Wanted Shrewd (or similar ) grip for Mathews conquest 4

    Hi, If anyone's got a custom grip for a C4 ( Shrewd, Jager, Torqueless - whatever ) let me know and how much you're looking for posted. A standard one will be OK but for preference a high/medium grip would be brilliant. I can't find a UK supplier and the postage from Lancaster / Shrewd was...
  6. AndyW

    Draw Length problems on a conquest 4

    OK all, Maybe someone can help. I have always shot between 27 and 28 inch DL off fingers and always shot compound. To that end I bought a C4 @ 28 with minimax cam system, as luck would have it it also came with the 27 and 29 minimax cams. Anyway, I fitted all the gubbins and re served where...
  7. AndyW

    Overdraw, button / rest alignment - thoughts.

    OK all, I'm about to set up compound number three and was pondering the button / rest alignment wrt horizontal positioning. I shall try to explain my thinking so as someone can spot if I'm about to do something a bit daft. I'm prone to a touch of left / right torque when I'm not concentrating...
  8. AndyW

    An entirely superior class of adverts.

    Whoever designed the algorithms that puts adverts into the posts is a bona fide genius as I am exactly the man who would import a purple velvet blazer from America. ( I honestly am ). It's going to look right tasty with my field cord collection. Coming to a forest near Stourbridge very soon.
  9. AndyW

    AGBs great reputation

    Had to smile last week. I went to a well known holiday camp and took my daughter to the have a go archery session. Amusingly one of the guys running the course pointed to the accredited by AGB plaque and then stated " but don't worry we work for xxxxxx so you're kids are safe" - most didn't...
  10. AndyW

    Magnetic Tungsten points.

    Hi all. Hoping you can help. I just got a set of arrows through the post which i bought off a guy online. Its a set of acc with gold points (im assuming nitride coated Tungsten). Anyway, i noticed that they're magnetic. Anyhow 1 was a bit beat up so I've removed the point and its got a magnetic...
  11. AndyW


    I came across this while searching for something else. What do you think are the chances of getting it defined as freestyle in NFAS?:shocked: Pioneer Airbow
  12. AndyW

    Weirdest Compound I've seen in a while.

    Have a look at this for a weird looking compound. I've never heard of them but apparently Silver Archery are the dealer. M30 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow ? Gearhead Archery
  13. AndyW

    Outer Limit Blood Vanes

    Maybe someone out there can help. I'm getting twitchy again and feeling a need to try even more fletchings. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some Outer Limit Blood Vanes or if they have some would they be willing to sell. Just fancied trying them. Thanks.
  14. AndyW

    Wanted Quikspin 2 to 2.25 inches.

    Hi All, I'm running low on NAP Quikspins and I'm unwilling to pay the silly prices from the one or two suppliers I've found. So, if anyone's got any they no longer need (not the shrink wrap things or twisters) in 2 - 2.25 inch whether they're original or ST let me know what you have and how...
  15. AndyW

    For Sale Mathews Drenalin LD, case etc.

    Due to being moaned at (a lot) I've got to let my beloved Drenalin LD go. It's 60lb RH and 27 inch draw. Also included are a Plano protector pillarlock hardcase, a spare new string and cable set and a 28 inch cam. It's also fitted with a Mathews focus grip and if I can find the original wooden...
  16. AndyW

    Spin wings v straight for field/3D

    It just struck me while reading another post that spinwings / Kurly vanes etc. seem to be almost exclusive to target archery and the 3D/field contingent (that I've seen) tend to stick with traditional type vanes and I wondered why. 3D/field shoot similar distances or closer and so I would have...
  17. AndyW

    Cavalier Elite - Leather, Cordovan / other

    Hi All, hopefully someone will know the answer to this - what's the deal with cordovan faces on the elite tabs. I've just had the shock of my life after checking out a well known website. Turns out my 3 cav elites and spare faces would be pushing the ?200 barrier. Over the years I've picked...
  18. AndyW

    NFAS 3D Champs - the other Nottingham shoot.

    To those who don't know, the time has come again for the NFAS 3D champs. This weekend there will be 600+ of us trying to get a shiny. Good luck all. From my side I'm hoping the string/cables hold out against the separated serving and I've got enough pointy things to last the weekend. Top 10...
  19. AndyW

    Compound Bow String/cable sets from UK?

    Has anyone got any recommendations for UK made compound string sets as I'm bored of keep sending off to the U.S. I'm especially interested in if anyone has any pointers to those that will hold up as well as Winners Choice. I'm running through string / cables at an alarming rate so if anyone...
  20. AndyW

    Wanted Arctec CPR Cable guard

    Hi All, If anyone has an Arctec CPR cable guard (with extended mount if poss. ) that they are willing to sell send me a pm with what you would like for it (& pic. if possible). Thanks, Andy.