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    Recurve riser - reflex-deflex

    So called hyper recurve limbs perform best on a more deflex riser as they need lower BH in reflexed risers the BH becomes so low as to be impracticable and torsional stability and the effects of the release become more severe . Border produce "deflexed" risers for this reason
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    Border Hex 8 Tuning Guide On Website

    there is a major error in this guide .. it says arrows right = weak - correct - but the says LENGTHEN SHAFT = incorrect!!! and vice versa for arrows left . It also says increasing/decreasing point weight. Point weight has minor effects on dynamic sine but major effects on FOC .. to me point...
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    New PB

    Won the club Portsmouth with a new PB of 555 this month - Nice Gold medal and also got my 1st class award .. in my 1st season .. happy silver surfer bunny :)
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    Tiller vs nock point

    Just my 10p worth. I set nock height to get best clearance of tail at standard tiller say 5-6mm depending on riser. Then I fine tune bareshaft into vertical group and attitude at impact ( ie nock elevation same as fletched) using small tiller adjustments. The nock height has to give decent...
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    Barebow back tension vs Recurve back tension

    I shoot recurve sighted and barebow the same expand through and release whilst expanding..The anchor point serves as the clicker . Same bows same kit just no sight or long rod .. which don't affect the draw anyway . also shoot border hex 6.5 and 7.7s the same
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    Foot marks

    I have seen several people on the line using commercial foot marks - small 3-4 " curved plastic markers with a steel pin through. Anyone know where I can find these please? Quicks used to sell but have stopped. Yes I could make some - but time is short
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    Cannot view any posts in this group ?

    Hi I keep getting cannot see post .. may not have permissions etc message everytime I try to view a post in the border group. I used to be able to .. Am a border owner .. Can you help please ?
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    Point weights for 70-90m

    I am trying to fine tune for 70 and 90 m and get the highest sight marks . I use 40# limbs ( wiawis one or KG nexgen) at 29.75" amo draw on 25" riser. Arrows are VAP 500 or 600 spine tuned by length and point weight bareshaft at 40-70m to fall in centre of fletched groups. All fine so far...
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    Any suggestions as to best sources for foam to replace old rotting foam in hard case please?
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    Set up/tuning advice please

    Hi Hoping to pick the combined brains of the group please. Trying a new set up riser change same limbs. Grouping fletched great at 20m inside 3" ring BUT bareshaft goes left by 4 -6 " and knock is left too. Walkback tuning from 20m to 30 m fletched arrows go 3" right of 20m group 1st...
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    Wanted Border Black Douglas riser

    Title says it all - Looking for an ILF Black douglas riser or complete bow .. any available?
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    Plunger button contact 140mm from nock

    Can any one help please? I am resetting a new limb riser combo and am having issues of excessive button contact starting about 140mm out from the nock resulting in abrasion marks to wrap and shaft just before the wrap. Arrow spine is correct according to charts and tuning . Has anyone any...
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    Wanted Looking for MK riser either MX10 or beta and veracity limbs long #36-40

    Hi Looking for an MK mx10 or beta riser 25" in good condition Also MK veracity limbs wood core long 36-40# Any out there?
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    Wanted Looking for Border hex 6 or 7 limbs 70" around 38#

    I am looking for some Border Hex 6/7 ILF limbs 70" around 38# in good condition. Are there any out there? Thanks:target: