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    First dozen arrows for my longbow

    Evening all, in a couple of days I shall start attempting to make some arrows for my lovely new 48# longbow, so apologies in advance to anyone in the Northamptonshire area that hears any sudden prolonged bursts of robust Anglo-Saxon. I have all the bits and pieces ready and waiting thanks to the...
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    Phooeys Tales From Astride The Line

    So inspired by (nicked the idea from) LionofNarnia here shall begin some barely coherent ramblings on my progress from shiny faced Padawan to jedilike master of the target discipline, ok so I'll settle for relatively competent archer but that doesn't really have the same ring to it. I suppose...
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    The little things

    Well finished the beginners course today which was great and big thanks again to NAC for making it a really good and fun learning experience. The personal achievement bit is I got to shoot one of the clubs longbows for a few ends, nailing mostly 9s and 10s. granted it was a 30lb bow at about 10...
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    Another recurve/riser quandary

    Well nearly finished the beginners course and now started seriously pondering my first recurve set up. I started looking at some of the cheaper entry level bows that have changeable limbs for upping the poundage, but the misfiring grey matter is wondering about going a little further up the...
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    Dilemma Choosing First Bow

    Evening all, right as I might have mentioned in my intro thread I'm new to archery, now only got to wait 2 more weeks for the beginners course to start (seems about a year since I booked it). thoughts have turned to the first bow purchase, rather than just drooling at the various websites. With...