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    Jake Kaminsky: Recurve on Youtube

    Just watched the latest Kaminsky form episode on set up position. This new series is fantastically detailed and easy to understand and will definitely help me shoot better. Highly recommended.
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    Mind the Gap

    I occasionally shoot at an EFAA Club gap shooting with a Traditional Recurve Bow. I'm quite happy estimating my gaps using my outstretched arm with finger widths above or below the target etc. What I would like to know is what you are actually allowed to do. For example I could do a much more...
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    Arrows for windy conditions

    I use a 550 spine Carbon One with 120 grain head as my outdoor arrow. These are great most of the time but I do get blown about at long distance in wind. Is there anything I can do about this without spending lots of money?
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    Absurd ranking system in ArcheryGB

    I am new to archery having taken up recurve as a middle-aged hobby two years ago. Right now I'm 'first class' hoping to get to bowman this season, although I have yet to shoot any bowmen scores. The point I would like to make is that simply by turning up to a few shoots locally I will probably...