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    Longbow arrows

    I made up a new set of arrows and when I shot them they are too weak. I left them full length so I could cut them down and used 100 grain piles. So my question is Is there a rule of thumb along the lines of shorten shaft by x is the same as reducing pile weight by y. Cheers Sent from my...
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    Shot a York at the weekend and found my monocular to be damaged. So I'm in the market for a new one. My last was a cheap one from that auction site. It was great while it lasted, ?7 for a few years is ok with me. So anybody have recommendations or what to look for.
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    Our September competition details for anybody who is interested

    Bracken High Field Tournament 2016 - Wrexham Bowmen from CM Browser)
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    Wrexham bowmen dewi sant photos
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    Which arrows

    Hi all Which arrows do you shoot? I shoot easton traditional axis with 3 inch parabolic feathers from a 50#rcx 17 I have decided to get some new arrows and wondered what other field archers shoot. Cheers.👍
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    Watch "Trying to shoot a tape measure across water - Archery" on YouTube
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    How do you choose?

    Hi all For those of you that compete. Do you attend the same comps every year? Do you only compete in a set amount? Do weekend comps make more sense to you? How do you decide which comps to shoot at? Any other factors. This is so I can get an idea how we can promote our competition. Cheers
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    String walking

    Hi all I was reading recently something about agb not allowing string walking. Now I can't remember if this was happening now or at some point in the future. I have a couple of rs portsmouth next month and need to know if I can string walk? Cheers
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    Our first competition

    Hi all Wrexham Bowmen will be holding their first field competition on March 20th 2015. It's only 3 months away.
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    Quick video We moved a couple of bosses today this was one of them.
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    Feather or plastic?

    Hi all Whilst sorting out my arrows today I started wondering about changing to plastic fletchings on my barebow arrows. When I first got my barebow I shot it off the shelf so put feathers on my arrows. Now I shoot with rest and button. I know feathers look so much better, very in keeping with...
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    First field competition

    Hi all I have my first fita field comp this weekend. Any advice or things I should remember? Cheers
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    Minimum arrow weight

    Hi all I shoot longbow and beeen having a bit of trouble getting arrows to fly how I would like. I was chatting to an experienced archer at a comp yesterday and he suggested making the arrows as short as possible and use a light pile to reach 90m. I just made one up and it weighs 378 gr which I...
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    3d targets

    Hi all Does anybody have any experience with natur foam targets. I like the look of them but wondered how they stand up to use? Cheers
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    Gnas field judge

    Hi all We're having a bit trouble finding a gnas field judge to come to wrexham, North Wales to sign off our field course. No field judges in North Wales. So if you are one and fancy a day trip or know one let me know. Cheers Marc
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    fatboy nock insert

    Hi all When I have to replace nocks on my fatboys the inserts come out with the nocks. Then I have trouble separating the nock and insert without damaging the insert. Is there a way to do it or do you just replace both. Cheers
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    new course

    Hi all We are in the process of building a field course and I would like a bit of advice. It will be a 24 target agb course. What I would like from you is your thoughts: What you look for in a course. What you like. What you don't like. Things you thought were a good/bad idea. If you have built...
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    getting excited

    I've been shooting barebow for a couple of months now. Before that longbow for a couple of years. After sorting out the bow and form ( stringwalking and getting eye over arrow )I feel like I'm letting myself down by getting excited at my score. My last dozen always seems to be my worst. It...
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    shooting off the shelf

    Hi all I have a takedown recurve which I shoot off the shelf. I string walk and feel height wise this is going well. What I would like to do is be able to aim at gold rather than off to the right. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to achieve this. Cheers Marc