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    Comfort vs Speed

    I'm currently shooting W&W Graphene limbs 38lbs/66"Bow/27" draw length. The limbs are terifically fast but feel a bit 'dead'. I moved to these to reach 90m whilst not having to shoot too high a poundage. They've done the job admirably but they're not much fun to shoot. From the Border range...
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    Graphene vs Velos

    Hi All I'm currently shooting the W&W Graphene limbs which are unbeliveably quick. I do however find them a bit 'dead'. Very probably they're too good a limb for my limited skills. Has anyone tried and compared these with the Velos limbs which I believe give a smoother shot. And how do these...
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    Brace Height Slipping

    Hi All My brace height keeps slipping whilst I shoot. Even after a few ends today it moved from 8 5/8" to 8 1/2" after just a few ends. Its a new string but I've had this happen a lot. Is this a common problem? Shooting recurve 38# short limbs. Apologies if this is a dumb question.
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    Fletch size Indoor & Outdoor

    Hi All I'm currently shooting 2" spin wings on a 38# recurve. I heard somewhere that smaller vanes are preferable outdoors (I have a pack of the same fletches in 1.75"). Any thoughts?
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    Limb Length

    Hi all I'm currently shooting a 66" recurve with a 25" riser and short limbs. Is it feasible to change to a 23" riser and use medium limbs? I understand the longer the limb the more "forgiving" the shot. Ta.
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    Hitting Bow Arm

    Dear All I keep hitting my bow arm with the string. Any thoughts? I'm am currently experimenting with a more open stance though this works less well at longer distances. I shoot recurve. But not very well. Cheers, Colin