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    Very soft button requirement

    That is a short arrow for 32lb draw off 40lb limbs. Is the clicker right next to the button? If so then That might be part of the problem; is the button in the rear hole? If not it should be for a short arrow. Pictures of the set up would be really useful.
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    Advice on bag 💼

    I shoot recurve and also a trad one piece bow, I simply got a second recurve backpack for my trad stuff. Cheap and cheerful is fine.
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    This is so obviously wrong it has to be a mistake covered up.
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    Pressure button springs

    Oh, that's a shame. I could really do with the help sometimes. It does seem intuitive that the arrow pushing against a spring would behave in a more forgiving way than an arrow pushing against something with no give in it.
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    Pressure button springs

    I think there is a common misunderstanding of what the button is for. It is not a bow tuner in the spine matching sense; it is a way of making the shot more forgiving i.e. there is a sweet spot between spongy and rock which helps to reduce the effect of a poor release. Changing the brace height...
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    Jake Kaminsky: Recurve on Youtube

    Just watched the latest Kaminsky form episode on set up position. This new series is fantastically detailed and easy to understand and will definitely help me shoot better. Highly recommended.
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    Pressure button springs

    Sorry, a misunderstanding. Using the limb bolts to tweak the bow/draw weight. I do think that draw weight is the key to matching arrows. Because a recurve bow is adjustable (and reversible!) Real life example: I switched arrows this indoor season to keep my outdoor limbs. I expected them to be...
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    Pressure button springs

    My understanding is that the spring pressure is a small adjustment. For me the initial tuning procedure would be something like: 1) Set centre shot to best guess. 2) Set nocking point to best guess. 3) Set sight to left of string. 4) Set pressure spring to stiffer end of range. 5) Group...
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    Crooked String on Limb Tip

    Obvious question: how does it shoot? I have a traditional recurve bow that has a slight twist in the upper limb, which did worry me when I first noticed it. But actually it shoots fine. Maybe this is a similar problem?
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    Random quiver question

    This is not an archery answer. But if I were you I would rig something up with a blocked off length of drain pipe and straps for both shoulders. Quivers generally will not be up to the job. For the stronger fencer bigger pipe is an option, like drainage pipe perhaps.
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    KG Falcon - thoughts?

    Vibration is noise but we all know the difference between quiet and silent...
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Do you mind me asking why you want such a high draw weight? I upgraded to FC100 40# (43 ish fingers) and they're great! But I shoot my indoor arrows stiff because I want to stay in control of the shot and that's about as much as I can cope with. Is it because you feel that having a massive draw...
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    Mind the Gap

    I have now found something in the IFAA/EFAA rules that helps. It is in their list of definition of terms: 'Sight- Any device attached to or incorporated in the bow or attached to the archer's body, other than normal reading glasses, markings or blemishes on the bow limbs and/or bow riser, other...
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    Mind the Gap

    I used to shoot barebow like this and it works brilliantly, occasionally. The rest of the time I am either way too high or I lose my form completely and the arrow can go almost anywhere, hence the gap shooting. I agree that practice would be the answer but barebow is just occasional fun for me.
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    Mind the Gap

    I occasionally shoot at an EFAA Club gap shooting with a Traditional Recurve Bow. I'm quite happy estimating my gaps using my outstretched arm with finger widths above or below the target etc. What I would like to know is what you are actually allowed to do. For example I could do a much more...
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    Everything is going left.

    I had a similar problem with my first bow. It turned out that I had set up the limb alignment badly (by referencing the long rod) so that everything had a tendency to go to one side because the bow was pointing to one side. At the time it was all very mysterious because you could 'force' the...
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    Limb questions

    I think Stafkoi is trying to use the physics principle of the lever to get more for less. And you can do this. It's called a Compound. If you don't want to go up in draw weight to shoot longer distances, then you either need lighter arrows or you will just have to put up with the trajectory. (It...
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    Arrows for windy conditions

    I use a 550 spine Carbon One with 120 grain head as my outdoor arrow. These are great most of the time but I do get blown about at long distance in wind. Is there anything I can do about this without spending lots of money?
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    Absurd ranking system in ArcheryGB

    I am new to archery having taken up recurve as a middle-aged hobby two years ago. Right now I'm 'first class' hoping to get to bowman this season, although I have yet to shoot any bowmen scores. The point I would like to make is that simply by turning up to a few shoots locally I will probably...