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    Arrow Rake

    Hi, A few friends and I are setting up a small field course in a wood, we have the landowners permission. The one thing we were struggling with was finding arrow rakes at a reasonable price. I have found the perfect solution buying paint roller handles that are designed to paint behind...
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    Mycarta Limb Tips

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a quandary and hope someone can help. I normally shoot Olympic Recurve but have bought a low price one piece recurve to have a bit of fun with. A Touchwood Ibex to be exact. What I'd like to know is do I have to stick with a dacron string or are the limbs capable of taking a...
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    XS Wings..quality dropping?

    Hi, I have been using XS Wings for over a year and am happy with them even though their fatality rate is higher than plastic fletches. I ordered a new pack of 50 wings and received them the other day. They are marked exactly the same as my old ones on the packet. 50mm, low profile, fluorescent...
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    Foam sheets to cover straw bosses

    Hi All, This may sound like a daft idea but I'll give it a shot. At our club we use straw bosses and these take quite a hammering as people move up to higher power limbs. Once they have been hammered we find that arrows are going through the boss and hitting the wooden stand behind, not good...
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    Exchange Win & Win Inno Ex Prime Limbs

    Hi All, I have a pair of Inno Primes in excellent condition but they are too heavy for me. They are medium 38lbs. I bought them used thinking i'd be able to shoot this weight without a problem but as i say they are too heavy for me, at least now. I've always wanted to own a pair of these limbs...
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    Nib points to Parabolic

    Hi All and a very Merry Christmas to everyone. I have a question that i think I know the answer to but would appreciate the input of more knowledgeable archers than myself. When the outdoor season starts again i intend to move up in weight ( the bow that is ). I shoot a W&W CXT 68 inch...