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  1. greygoose

    My Screen does not display properly now

    Hi All, The forum has started displaying wrongly with every thing in the wrong position or with various items overlayed on top of others. This is only happening with this website. There are no problems at all with any of the others I have tried. What is wrong. Can I fix it or is it at the forum...
  2. greygoose

    Which Spinning Fletchings?

    Hi All. For several years I have used Kurly Vanes but I am wondering if anyone can recomend any of the other spinning type vanes that are now available. I always found that the Kurlies started to peel off after a while because of the curvature being the opposite/wrong way to the shafts. Many Thanks.
  3. greygoose

    Which Limbs (Again) Tomcats Carbon V Athletes Carbon

    Hi All, Searching through what is available these days and what I can afford I am wondering if anyone can advise/comment on Kaya Tomcat Carbon V Samick Athlete Carbon limbs. Both are around ?150. (Other possible recomendations welcome too). I would have gone for the original Samick Masters again...
  4. greygoose

    KG Limbs Anyone?

    Hi All, Can anyone give information on the KG brand limbs, preferably based on personal aquaintance. I am interested because they are a UK made product, have been around for a long time and seem to be of a very high technical specification. What realy matters though is how users have found them...
  5. greygoose

    Limbs for use with the Samick Ultra Riser?

    Hi All, If I am able to resume shooting I will require new limbs at a much lower poundage than previously used. I would be extremely gratefull for any information of what makes and model of limbs others may have used in conjunction with the Samick Ultra Riser and how well they complemented each...
  6. greygoose

    Selling Gear on the Forum but Not Via Ebay

    Hi All, If I can see some way of resuming my Archery I will need to sell some/all of my existing equipement and aquire new. Can I advertise it here as I have no wish to use Ebay? Regards
  7. greygoose

    Possibly Impossible, But I will Ask Anyway.

    Hi All, A couple of years ago I had to give up my recurve archery due to physical problems and more than a touch of advancing years. (Now 67) But, I still want to have a go. (This kind of problem can not be all that unusual, quite a few people have got old before me). Can any one give me...
  8. greygoose

    MK Korea Limbs

    Hi All, Has anyone tried these out? greygoose
  9. greygoose

    A Real Downer

    After more than a year of not shooting, (and not posting on the Forum either), I have finally been forced to accept the fact that I will not be able to shoot again due to ever worsening shoulder and spinal problems. It makes me feel really upset to realise this (and does not do my long term...
  10. greygoose

    Easton ACE Failure

    Hi All, I have just had a six week old ACE 670 arrow break in two on release. It parted just five inches from the nock end and looks as though the aluminium tube wall kinked inwards, (under the compression from the initial release) on the LH side. Right handed archer. Has anyone else heard of...
  11. greygoose


    Hi All, Has anyone ever experimented with using a lubricant on either a tab face or a string centre serving. Greygoose
  12. greygoose

    Plunger, Known Fact and Fiction

    Hi All. Going on from Geoff's BH post. I would like the same analysis applied to the Plunger Button. The reason being that I have just shot a personal PB at home, (5doz at 27yds) while carrying out a tuning exercise but with the plunger solid. Now what I would like to know is - 1/ Exactly what...
  13. greygoose

    Have you heard...

    Have you heard the one where Archery GB state that Peter Suk is the worlds foremost coach? It's here- Archery GB - SportFocus - Website Greygoose
  14. greygoose

    Joining Conditions?

    Hi All, What special conditions or restrictions or limitations, does your club impose on an experienced archer if they wish to move from another club to yours? Similarly, what of the same, if any, on an experienced archer who has dropped out for a time and then wishes to re-join your club? Greygoose
  15. greygoose

    Squad Equipement?

    Hi All, Just as a matter of interest, can anyone list any or all of the England recurve squad bows and accessories used? Do the Archers have free choice in what they use? Greygoose
  16. greygoose

    Richard cranium award

    Hi All, I would like to propose the inauguration of the "Richard Cranium" award for the most unwarranted, or unwanted, or ineffectual, or badly worded regulation. Can I have a seconder please. All comments and nominations for the award welcome.
  17. greygoose

    Nock Pin Accuracy

    Hi all, I intend changing to Pin Out Knocks and am wondering if there is a make of Pin that is more accurately made than others with regard to fit and concentricity. Any information will be useful as I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. Greygoose
  18. greygoose

    Easton with Beiter?

    Hi All, Does anyone use Easton pin nocks with Beiter nocking points? Or perhaps know if any of the size combinations are compatable? Greygoose
  19. greygoose

    Spine Help Needed

    Hi All, I intend buying a set of ACE's and need to determine the correct spine rating. Does any one else shoot Border 68" CXB's at 34 lb (or similar) with a 28" arrow length and a 9" BH. If so what spine arrows do you use and with what point weight and what string and strand count? I am familiar...
  20. greygoose

    Insert v Outsert Drag

    Hi All, I have long wondered if outsert nocks have a detrimental effect on arrow drag due to the increased diameter or not. I suspect not but would appreciate comment from any one who has definite information on this. Greygoose