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    Hungarian... mediteranian or thumb ring?

    'Whatever worked' is, I suspect, the answer.
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    I may try it. I shoot a horsebow so nock pinch is something I need to try to avoid.
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    How does that work with a 'Mediterranean' style?
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    Numbering arrows

    Fine Sharpie (actually a CD-Writer pen) on wooden arrows - never had the ink run, even on the wettest of days. I'm shooting NFAS mostly so only 3 at a time so I 'ring' 3 arrows with the pen and leave the rest unmarked until I need them (I never know which one is going to break first)
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    Arrows for field

    Magna Carta have 'RoboDuck'. :D (and yes I've smashed a few arrows on it)
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    Arrows for field

    A lot of field courses don't like carbons because of the way they can break up.
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    Online Competition Organiser and Scoring System

    Where do you download the app? (I can't immediately see any links on the pages). Is this system actually an app, or a PC program? Would it handle field scoring as well? (if not - do you have any plans for that?) From a dev perspective (I'm a PHP dev), what's it built in?
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    Indoor longbow

    That's what it sounds like to me. FWIW when I was a student I joined (briefly) the uni club and shot once indoors. Bearing in mind my bow was (iirc) about 28# at 28", I genuinely did not expect every arrow I shot to go THROUGH the boss and smack into the breeze-block wall behind the net which...
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    Archery games on PC & Android?

    I've not seen such a thing, there may be a mobile phone game with something that's 'target-archery-like' but I've not seen it, (not that I'd be looking for such a thing anyway. :) ) the cheeky part of me wants to comment that target archery isn't really exciting enough for a digital experience...
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    Archery games on PC & Android?

    The old 'Thief - the Dark Project' PC game had a fairly reasonable (if obviously limited to what controls are available) archery element. I think it's available on Steam.
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    What's in your quiver?

    I tend somewhat towards trying to be minimal, so in my home-made stalking quiver cum bandolier I have: Arrows (as many as I have for that bow) Arrow rake Swiss Army Knife Membership cards arrowpuller on a ski-pass string old hanky for wiping off wet arrows spare tab string wax mini mole grips...
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    Shooting over water

    Don't look at the water. Its the same for any shot - concentrate on the target and nothing but the target. :) I love water shots. :D
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    knife recommendations?

    I tend to carry a Victorinox Swiss Champ - mainly because I find it useful for everything else!! Choice of pile can help with wood hits - I find Top Hat field points don't go in very far and are thus relatively easy to wiggle out.
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    Bow Quiver

    If you mean: somewhere to store the bow when moving about? Then I do, sort of. I have a home-made 'stalking' quiver which allows me to hook the bow over the shoulder strap and then hang down across my back inline with the quiver. Makes it very handy for walking about with full use of both...
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    Target to field - who has made the move

    I moved from target to field some years ago, never looked back. I'll still shoot target for practise occasionally, but far prefer the constant changes in shooting of field. Just in the process of making up new arrows for a new bow for at return after about 2 or 3 years non-shooting (life got...
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    Arrow Rake

    :D:D:D superb advice! :D
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    Not to start another argument....

    But this did tickle me somewhat... Drew Sheneman Editorial Cartoon on
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    Membership cards and new tech

    General question for discussion, would value comments from archers of all disciplines and associations: Question is this: If you were organising a tournament/open shoot, and were requesting the archers to show their Association membership card (AGB/NFAS/EFAA etc), would you need to see the...
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    NFAS SouthWest Challenge 2014

    So - the form is up... Who's planning to go? What do most people do for the evenings? Disperse to camp-sites/b&b/friends houses? Are there any evening entertainments organised at all? (even if it's just a pub supper!)...
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    Post surgery issues?

    (not sure if this is the right place,but....) Just had my gall bladder out on Saturday, still sore and waiting for the keyhole wounds to heal, but has anyone else had similar, and did you have any issues getting back to shooting? I'm in fairly good health otherwise, although coming up to 40...