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  1. AndyW

    Victory VAP 450 Weaker than expected spine

    brassgbits, Are you shooting off fingers as that could explain arrows seeming a bit weak. The trouble with charts is that they are just a guide, for field it's nice to get a good bareshaft but not the be all and end of. I happily sacrifice bareshaft for speed, as long as the fletched goes where...
  2. AndyW

    Five pin sight/scope

    I've got an IQ micro on one bow and a trophy ridge cypher 5 on another - both are fine 10 - 50 which i prefer to set them up as but most will go with setting up as 20 - 60. Any intermediate distances you need to split the pins or set up as 5's - 10,15,20,25 etc. If you're after 10 - 100 (crude...
  3. AndyW

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    Regarding spinning the shaft - turbo points were another one that had a brief flurry of excitement then died off. As for stuff that might actually be useful ( field perspective ) if i used a release and was shooting a drop away I would be giving FOBs a go - they look a lot less hassle than...
  4. AndyW

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    Cereleste, good to hear your open to a bit of chat. I now feel quite happy to carry on. Del the Cats point on the lack of posts should be heeded. There's been a few bits and bobs tried over the years but as you say it's more fiddling than anything and niche suppliers. I guess the reason is...
  5. AndyW

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    It's been half done. Thunderball magnetic nocks. You just need the motor assembly now.
  6. AndyW

    instructions prior to first clout shoot.

    I'm not AGB. NFAS, - I haven't gotten around to checking but I've never heard of anyone doing clout with compound, in fact the only time our club has done it is a boxing day clout. I think it's more of a wood thing with the longbow/primitive crowd seeming to be more keen. I always sort of mean...
  7. AndyW

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    I nearly ordered a set from him a few years back after getting his recommendation. I decided against in the finish as i came to the conclusion it was a solution to a non existent problem.
  8. AndyW

    instructions prior to first clout shoot.

    The part of interest to me was that compounds are allowed with AGB. Whenever our club has run clout I've been specifically told that you're not allowed to shoot compound. Never thought to look in the rules. I don't think i'd want to shoot one with normal fletch but maybe flu flus would be...
  9. AndyW

    instructions prior to first clout shoot. Part 7 - any use?
  10. AndyW

    Pressure button springs

    Just my opinion as I've got no experience with recurves but I think button tension gets overthought ( a lot ). I shoot compound off fingers and as long as the tension is sensible I've not known it make much difference, maybe it shows up more at low poundage, longer distance. I shot buttons for...
  11. AndyW

    Low maintenance

    Great isn't it. Pick up case, drive to shoot, put back in bag, go home. Must try to include a little practice this year though.
  12. AndyW

    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    It's quite a popular release with compound off fingers. The index finger is straight and touching nock the middle and ring finger do the work. Makes for a cleaner release if you can do it. When shooting unsighted field it also brings the eye closer to the arrow by anchoring with the middle...
  13. AndyW

    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    Might even be simply that in general we have / prioritise more time for hobbies. Certainly with my wife other things take priority whereas we just think stuff it and go down the wood or wherever.
  14. AndyW

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    If my scores this year were recorded in descending order there probably wouldn't be much re ordering going on. :cry: GL on your continuing journey.
  15. AndyW

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Hi, Apologies if it's a dumb observation and the scores have been reordered (I know nothing about target archery). The scores drop off beginning to end - might be worth dropping the poundage a bit and seeing if it tightens things up. Edit - Just read back a bit and it looks like that's not a...
  16. AndyW

    Christmas club shoots

    No, smiley face stickers all year.
  17. AndyW

    Indoor longbow

    They also forbid any cocking aids (or gloves or fingerstalls) and the bow has to be drawn by hand... that will probably limit the poundage that most people can draw... Nice to see another society going against the specific safety instructions of crossbow manufacturers. I see litigation on the...
  18. AndyW

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Nice to see you all get described as athletes - I get described as a fat bloke.
  19. AndyW

    Indoor longbow

    That poundage is measured at the latch and is the same for all crossbows so a 50% letoff compound crossbow could have a peak draw weight of 190lbs and still have a 95lb latch weight???Some thing needs to change. Please tell me AGB aren't allowed these horrid things.
  20. AndyW

    Arrows for field

    Love it, I'd not seen that one - Magna Carta's out of my drive to a shoot range.