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  1. hooktonboy

    Very soft button requirement

    ( I am assuming she's RH archer) Was it/is it possible to set up the new button identical to the previous one? Or did you already have or suspect tuning problems? What does arrow position look like at centre shot? Is the arrow tip left of string at all? If so, you could try moving to arrow...
  2. hooktonboy

    Hoyt syntactic carbon plus limb detent problem

    Pity in a way. You can replace the detent by cutting down and rounding off an ACE nock pin - add a spring from a biro and job done.. ;)
  3. hooktonboy

    Archery Ranges Registration Changes

    I was wondering what everyone thinks of this change: Facilities : Development | Members | Archery GB | Official Website I do try to resist the urge to be grumpy so I guess there could be something in it. But I was really irritated by the "Archery GB needs....." line because I immediately felt...
  4. hooktonboy

    Riser New Spig Risers

    Pic from Arco Sport FB page
  5. hooktonboy

    Barebow Stringwalking - FITA

    So I am reading the FITA manual (Barebow) and I read this: "2.4 String All kinds of string material and colours are allowed. The centre serving should not have markings for aiming." and then I read this (para 3.10) ..."With this system the archers have a constant anchor point. They only use...
  6. hooktonboy

    Compound Bow Wrist release resurgence?

    Had a great time watching the World Champs from Copenhagen today. Is it just me, or are we seeing a bit of a resurgence of the wrist release at the top level? Was a time when you would only see Dietmar with one, but today there were a lot in there - Iran, South Africa etc etc. Any thoughts?
  7. hooktonboy

    Arrows too stiff or other issue?

    Think there's possibly a few things to look at here. First (I read the US forum as well) my instinct is also that 1816s are likely too stiff for your draw weight too. But if you are off on the next target, there's also a chance you are sighting with the "wrong" eye - something for you just to...
  8. hooktonboy

    Barner Timeless Inertia rest

    Wondering if anyone can recall how the sensitivity adjustments work...?
  9. hooktonboy

    Limb problem......

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead. I discovered something today, having had a similar problem and lost the detent spring and pin (luckily found the cap screw). Now this of course won't work for everyone, but ACE nock pins are almost the right diameter (just a mm small) to make a...
  10. hooktonboy

    Wanted Hoyt Ortho Grip

    Right handed Hoyt ortho grip wanted. Cheers :)
  11. hooktonboy

    (Very) light draw weight limbs - best quality available?

    My shoulder problems continue, such that if I wish to keep shooting, I need to stay in the very low weights. If you have recent experience of limbs in the area of 24# / 26# marked - do you have a view on what are the best quality limbs available in that bracket, and why? Or put another way, are...
  12. hooktonboy

    How do you decide when it's worn out?

    Been shooting the same Cavalier tab for a looooong time. In fact, I realise it's about 7 years now - about 25,000 arrows! The cordovan face is all looking a bit curled up and significantly thinner then a replacement one, so I think it's time to replace and start again (I don't have a "shot -in"...
  13. hooktonboy

    Fiberbow 5.99

    For sale: right handed Fiberbow 5.99 in good used condition. 25 inch carbon fibre recurve riser, ILF fitting for limbs. Very light in the hand. Modified wooden grip fitted, see photos, but supplied with brand new original replacement grip too. A little chipping to the lacquer finish near the...
  14. hooktonboy

    Easton Recall..

    With apologies if this has been posted before - did do a quick search but couldn't see anything. Stumbled across it earlier Easton | Axis Recall Form
  15. hooktonboy

    Get coaching or waste money

    Does this help..... look at alignment of the back... Try the standing against a wall thing.... Or if you are looking in a mirror (as if it were a target), work with the stretchband and see if you can see your draw shoulderblade as the "leftmost" thing in your reflection.. if necessary stick...
  16. hooktonboy

    Question: Recurve - Horizontal errors

    Ok, have been practising today at about 15m, mostly trying to decide which riser to stick with for the rest of the season - it's all about what my shoulder/elbow injuries can sustain really. So I essentially have two Oly recurve bows. I've used the same limbs on both risers, the bareshaft tune...
  17. hooktonboy

    Gold Medallist grip...does anyone know if...

    .... there are any other standard grips that are a good fit? In my "museum" I've an old GM (old enough to be branded Hoyt/Easton). It's a RH riser and the grip has been extensively modified by a previous owner. It's very high and I bet it fitted their hand perfectly (they were clearly an ape...
  18. hooktonboy

    Wrist Fletcher .44... trigger weight adjustment?

    Do you mind if I ask you a question about the release-aid I bought, because it frightens me to death :shocked: It?s the Fletcher .44 . Fletcher?s website says it can be adjusted from hair-trigger to ?heavy? ? to be honest that?s why I picked it.... I?ve been around archery long enough to...
  19. hooktonboy

    AGB August Newsletter...

    ....Just had mine. Pity there's no news in it. Good job I'm a regular visitor here.
  20. hooktonboy

    Recuve - hand tension and release

    Pinched this quote from elsewhere.... " I have been working on putting my thumb onto my little finger leaving the three drawing fingers which creates a nice shelf below the top finger and above the inner thumb area. If you put your thumb to touch the little finger you'll see what I mean."...