2019 January Challenge


?The January Challenge is a competition for all archers, whatever their level, to shoot wherever they can. Simply submit your best score in a Portsmouth round shot in January 2019. There are four basic bowstyles ? Barebow, Compound, Longbow, and Recurve - three ?age groups? ? those who took up archery in the last 12 months, those who have been shooting for more than 25 years, and the rest ? and Ladies and Gents. You can enter your best score in as many categories as you qualify for. Juniors are welcome, but they are counted alongside adults. The highest scores in each category win a small memento. It is chiefly something to keep you focused in the darkest month.?
Unfortunately, I am still unable to upload files to this forum. However, despair not, as all relevant files should be available on the AGB website in the next few days. Anyway, all the details are the same as last year.
Spread the word! I wanyt everyone and his jerbil to enter.
If you have any questions, feel free to emil me on january.challenge AT bowmenofadel.co.uk