8 year old archer and stabilisers?


My daughter is 8 years old and has been shooting at our local club every week since July.

She shoots a 54" Rolan Junior bow that will accept a long rod. I was wondering whether we should introduce some form of stabilisation to her bow? And if so what?




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If she has no problem with the physical weight of the bow then, in a similar situation, I've added a short rod as a long rod - ie the minimum amount of forward weight so that the bow rolls forward on loose, rather than back. Then she can start to shoot without holding the bow, against a finger sling, without fear of the top limb bashing her on the head!


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I would highly reccommend that she starts using a stabiliser.
I got a young boy same age at my club and I've put a 12" short rod instead of a long rod and this has significantly improved his shooting.
I reason I would emphasise more on getting her to use stabilisers quickly is so that she can start using a finger sling and not let it became a bad habit to grip the bow. She Wont really feel much of a difference trust me (even if she says so) because it all in the mind. Adding 50g or less wont really be that hard for her to handle. You dont even have to put the weight on. What we are looking for here is the bow to tilt forward like JohnR said above. She might be uncomfortable with the sling but you got to encourage her


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I made up a very light stab for my grandaughter with just enought weight for it to roll forward very slowly.
I bought a length of 8mm bore alluminium tube from B&Q and glued a 5/16 stud in one end and had a variety of lengths of bolts (padded out with tape for a sliding fit) in the other. I got 2 stabs out of a 1metre length and the spare was soon claimed by another of our juniors.

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Just last week screwed a 12" SF side rod on to my 10 year old son's Rowan bow and started him on a finger sling. Not sure if there was much improvement in his form (early days yet but he wasn't struggling with the small additional weight) but he was chuffed to bits to have an stabiliser like his dad! Shiny new toys and all that......