Alternative to shooting a scoring round and still get a winner


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We turned up to shoot today and discovered that we were out of score sheets so tried something different.

Taking our cue from the Olympics we shot sets but with a difference. The only arrows that counted were those in the gold and red, 2 for a gold and 1 for a red. Six arrows each with the highest score awarded a 3, second 2 and third 1. If any two scored the same they both got the points. No set number of arrows, no time limit. When we all decided it was time to go home the highest score won.

All ages, sexes and bow styles joined in and the result was surprisingly close. The top scores were 17, 16 and 15 with compound taking first and third with recurve in second place.

We will be going indoors on the 17th and we will experiment with this again but from todays try it seems as if there are more than 6 or 7 shooting it would get too complicated and we would be better off shooting a proper round.

It really makes you concentrate when only the two inner colours count with anything blue or worse counted as a miss.

It made a nice change and as long as we got the distances right for the different classes everyone had a chance of getting the highest score.


Sounds good, Phil.
One of the ideas I am keen to try is a team competition. Teams of three probably, and chosen to make the teams as equal as possible.All teams have a good chance of winning and if the teams are selected carefully, all disciplines can be included.The format can be adjusted; one arrow each or 2 or 3. Each end score is ranked and teams given a score according to place order.Number of ends varies with available time.
The idea is for everyone to feel they have a chance to be on the winning team, and every archer's score, however low, will be important in the final placings.
If the number of archers makes it impossible to have equal numbers in each team, then the smallest team has its score adjusted accordingly.
Team sizes might be 3.... 3.... 2 for example. So the team of 2 archers has their score halved then multiplied by 3.( or make two teams of 4) or( four teams of 2)


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A fun one we do at club to mix it up is to reverse scores, 10 = 1, 9 = 2 etc. You choose how close to the 10/or miss your willing to go. Generally creates a good atmosphere


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We're run an elimination a few times and everyone likes it.
6 arrows are shot, one per end.
Everyone shoots a single arrow and the archers furthest from the X are eliminated.
This could be one or more people depending on how many start.
Repeat for each arrow until 5 arrows have been shot and there are only 2 people left.
Usually we have everyone put in a nominal entry fee and the winner takes the pot.

Another one we do is the "ching pot" (from the sound a cash register used to make).
Usually shot on FITAs but you can used it for any outdoor round.

Use the smallest coin you have (in Canada we use a dime, about the size of the X-ring on the 40 cm face) and draw the outline of the coin around the X.

Everyone puts in $2 per distance (or whatever). Every time you hit the circle, you have to add $.25 to the pot.

The pot gets recharged with everyone's $2 ante at the start of every distance, plus whatever's still in the pot from the previous distance.

Whoever gets an arrow entirely inside the circle wins the pot (or splits it if there is more than 1 arrow inside the circle on that end). Sometimes you win a big pot, of if you get a "ching" just after someone just won one, you can win nothing.

If there's money in the pot at the end of the round, closest to the center of the X on the last end wins.

For a FITA the most you can lose is $8 plus whatever lines you hit, generally not more than $10 or $11 in total, but you can win a heck of a good pot if there are lots of archers entered. Great fun if you have 5 or 10 butts of archers entered.