Anybody with experience of changing from Hex 6.6 to CVX / Hex 7.2 / Hex 7.5 ?


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I think a 65" will be a little too long. 64 1/4 or 64 1/2"
One more...! Sid has told me I'll need a low brace height - 6.5 to 7". So I guess the 64 1/2" string would give me more leverage in terms of getting a short bh? Cheers

Timid Toad

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That's a bit trickier - depends on a lot of things. I'd also aim for a lot of twists in the string - I aim for around one twist per inch. That's more than most makers would allow for, so specify that when you are getting a string made.


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Thanks Timid. I'll add it to the list of requirements!