[Horsebow] Anyone here tried Wuyi Horsebow?


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After reading some posts here, I really want to get one beginner horsebow for practice.I google horsebow and found a Chinese Wuyi Horsebow 35# next to the Kassai bow. I'm tempted to get one because it's much cheaper than Kassai while I think its quality is not good as Kassai's.

If I were to get one,
1) Is it worth for a beginner?
2) what else should I get beside arrow, glove, thumbring?


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Assume you mean this:

via Wuyi Horse Bow For Sale-Under 150USD | China Archery Supplies

$125 < ?75 & includes P&P - strikes me as a good price point!

Description of construction is good & honest (e.g. limbs are fibreglass & wrapped in leather).

Note the warning about draw length! #35'er to 29", #45'er to 31".

Yes, that's it. And thanks for the warning. I did not notice that.