Anyone recognise this?


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Looks legit - all the hallmarks of a new archer who has bought a full set of kit and then sadly fallen out of love with the sport.



I'm more suspicious than that!

- Calling the limbs 'veins' & giving sizes in cm shouts "FAST!" to me. Never mind the missing arrow on the longer set :hot:

(...and anyway, bow is too short & weak for me :wave:)


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It's a little peculiar. An entire assortment of arm guards is a bit unusual although the rest would make sense if someone thought they could learn archery purely via youtube. I can imagine that the new price might just reach the four hundred quid mark.

What's the riser though? Never seen a paint job like that.


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Definitely a PSE X-Factor. They came with a mottled anodised finish for a while, so I think that's the original finish.


I see they are also selling a Seiko watch for ?2,850.00. Someone is having a clear out.

Whenever I see something archery I might be interested in, I always go to see 'other items they are selling'. Quite often you will find they are an eBay trader selling all sorts of unrelated items and are just 'chancing it' to sell something and make a few quid.


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X-Factor in Python Red, they last produced that and the Python Blue in 2004.

Lovely riser



Trouble with prices on ebay I seen several times is people turn up at our club with gear either there fathers or such ask how much is this worth we tell them x price & then you see it on ebay for a lot more than that thinking its worth a lot more .
I even had a friend that had a heap of fishing gear like rods reels etc his mrs got her shits with him told him to cull the herd , He really didnt want to do it so he put top dollar + some more knowing it wouldnt sell or if it did it was a bonus