Archery exercises in the gym?


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Once I finish my next block of gym work, I'm looking to build a 6 week program to effectively close out the year in the gym - after deload it'll be 6 weeks left of the year. I have a good idea for the full body bit, but also wanted to start emphasising bits needed for archery. I tried the Archery GB video from a few years back, but they didn't name any of the actual exercises other than plank and leg press so not exactly the most useful resource.Has anyone got any good exercises they use in the gym to help build the muscles strength/ condition that would be great.


If the bow arm is inclined to drop after holding the bow at arm's length during aim and follow through, then a stretchy cord round the corresponding foot and round the bow arm at the wrist, can be used to resist like gravity on a bow.( similar idea to the Formaster with foot loop). Raise the arm against the resistance and hold for a count of ten or more.So it replicates a longer than normal hold. Repeat 150 times to replicate a 1440 round with sighters.( joke)
Repeat six or more times and rest for a while then repeat six or more again, until the round is over.




Member could try my contraption:


1 x 2kg dumbell
2 x Stretchy bands/bungy strings (one medium one strong) each tied in a loop long enough to use for reversals.
1 x Spare grip (I use a Jaeger)
1 x Electrical tape (or the like)


Put the stretchy bands in the grip, followed by the dumbell, tape it together and hey presto!

You now have a form trainer that will help your whole form including strengthening your bow arm, you can use the medium, heavy or both bands (lots of reversals with the light one less with both), work just like a form master going through your shot cycle, hold at anchor for about ten seconds and then come down and rest for ten, rinse and repeat.