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5 out of 5 rating for Arco Sport Spigarelli Revolution riser

Works for me!

Rated: 5 out of 5

Have had mine about 6 years and am just dusting it off to restart target archery. I hadn't even considered it when bow shopping back in 2005 until the chap in shop suggested I give it a try along with the usual selection of Hoyt, W&W, Samick etc. Well only a couple of arrows and I was hooked, way smoother and quieter than other similar priced risers. While maybe not good enough to shoot world record or Olympic winning scores it was certainly capable of way better than me back then and guess it it will be in a couple of weeks when it gets tried out again. Have seen stories of limb bolts shearing but pretty much all those seemed to be after the owner messed with the factory torque settings.

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5 out of 5 rating for Arco Sport Spigarelli Revolution riser

I won't profess to being an expert , I'm a novice and haven't shot many risers. Undoubtedly the Revolution is a different looking piece of kit and will appeal on that basis alone to those that like a bit of individuality. I think it looks stunning, but then I would! It is certainly beautifully engineered and finished. The wooden handle will sit well in the larger hand as it feels wider than some others. I purchased mine from Perris archery, one of the bonus' being that the bow is properly set up for the customer, and adjustments can be made (fully adjustable ILF limb fitting) , questions answered, whist trying the set up. To my mind, that alone is worth a lot of money. All the I can say, is that compared to the few bows I have shot, the Revolution is very smooth to use. It comes with its own magnetic rest, and clicker and a button will need to be fitted. It can't be shot without one.... I was advised to use Carbon/Wood limbs with this riser, so that is what I have done, in conjunction with a Cartel long rod, Diecut sight and bow sling. It's beautiful to use, beautiful to look at, and compared to other risers, very competitively priced. I'm looking forward to several years shooting with this.........Initial shooting produced some nice results: I doubt that a riser makes that happen alone, but what the hell! Very happy!