Arrow Rest Arrow rest glue residue removal


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I am switching from a stick-on arrow rest to a more adjustable metal one. On removal of the stick-on rest i have been left with glue residue on the riser.

What is the best way to remove this? I had considered Acetone but am worried this will damage the paint on the riser.

For reference the riser is a 2013 Hoyt Horizon




I would usually start with "mechanical methods" - i.e. scrape with something softer than the surface.
But if it's smooth and you've just got a little stickiness, then in the past I've used isopropyl alchohol, soap (or surface cleaner) and water, or even just buffing with a piece of kitchen towel (which has the bonus of tending to reveal if you missed any lumpier bits).


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Yes, acetone will take off the paint. I use eucalyptus oil. Spread a drop over the sticky stuff, leave it for a few minutes, then rub with a rag. Clean of the residual oil with methylated spirits before fitting the new rest. I believe similar results could be obtained with WD40 if you can't get Aussie tree sap (eucalyptus or tea tree).

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Lighter fluid from a pound shop or Isoprpoyl Alcohol (IPA) from a chemists - use on absolutely any surface with a bit of kitchen towel roll for zero damage & guaranteed clean.



I found IPA hardly touched the sticky residue from the white Hoyt rests.

Now I remove the bulk by sticky tape, rub on, peel off. YMMV depending on brand of tape. Hopefully the sticky tape glue sticks to the tape and the glue, and not the riser, or you're at square -1! Then scraping with fingernail or "nail analogue" (edge of an old credit card/bank card/AGB membership card), then acetone* for the stubborn remnant.

*Using the "museum conservator method" (tiny amounts on cotton bud only touching the relevant areas and rubbing very gently) as opposed to the "cleaning tractor engine parts" method (soak a rag and rub hard all over)